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StudienplanPPS Tmīmatos Gallikīs Glṓssas kai Filologías (2010-2020)
Cycle / Level1. Grund- und Hauptstudiengang
Akademisches Jahr2020 - 2021
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 25 hours of workload.

Lehrveranstaltungen des 1. Semesters

1. Semester
11 Veranstaltungen
Υ-ΓΛΩ-01Written discourse-Morphology/Syntax5Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-02French language I: oral discours3Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-01Literary analysis techniques I5Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-02French History and Civilization I (until the French Revolution)4Y
Υ-ΜΕΤ-01Text Analysis and Production in Greek I5Y
ΥΠΟ-01Language Reinforcement I4YPO
ΥΠΟ-02Digital Literacy2YPO
ΥΠΟ-03-Α1English Language I2YPO
ΥΠΟ-03-Γ1German Language I2YPO
ΥΠΟ-03-ΕΛ1Greek Language I2YPO
ΥΠΟ-03-Ι1Italien Language I2YPO

Lehrveranstaltungen des 2. Semesters

2. Semester
11 Veranstaltungen
Υ-ΓΛΩ-03Introduction to Applied Linguistics2Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-04Written discourse- Morphology/Syntax II5Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-05French language II :oral speech3Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-03Literary analysis techniques II5Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-04French History and Civilization II (from the French Revolution until the 20th cntury)4Y
Υ-ΜΕΤ-02Text Analysis and Production in Greek II5Y
ΥΠΟ-04Language Reinforcement II4YPO
ΥΠΟ-05-Α2English Language II2YPO
ΥΠΟ-05-Γ2German Language II2YPO
ΥΠΟ-05-ΕΛ2Greek Language II2YPO
ΥΠΟ-05-Ι2Italien Language II2YPO

Lehrveranstaltungen des 3. Semesters

3. Semester
8 Veranstaltungen
Υ-ΓΛΩ-06French Language ΙΙΙ: Organization of writing and cohesion of text4Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-07French language III : Oral speech 2Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-08Introduction of general linguistics3Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-05Critical discourse production5Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-06French Literature I : Poetry5Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-07Contemporary French Civilization and Institutions of the French society3Y
Υ-ΜΕΤ-03Comprehension Techniques in Translation I5Y

Lehrveranstaltungen des 4. Semesters

4. Semester
8 Veranstaltungen
Υ-ΓΛΩ-10French language IV: Organisation of writing and cohesion of text4Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-11French language IV : Oral speech 2Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-12Phonetics – Phonologie applied to French language3Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-13Structure of languages3Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-08Essay writing practice5Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-09French Literature II : Theater5Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-10Introduction to General and Comparative Literature3Y
Υ-ΜΕΤ-04Comprehension Techniques in Translation II5Y

Lehrveranstaltungen des 5. Semesters

5. Semester
8 Veranstaltungen
Υ-ΓΛΩ-14Teaching/learning methodology of French as a foreign language 4Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-15French language V : Text types and genres3Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-16French language V : Oral speech skills development2Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-11Introduction to European Literature3Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-12French Literature III: Novel5Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-13Clacisism and the age of Enlightenment4Y
Υ-ΜΕΤ-05General Translation I5Y
Υ-ΜΕΤ-06Introduction to Translation Studies4Y

Lehrveranstaltungen des 6. Semesters

6. Semester
4 Veranstaltungen
Υ-ΓΛΩ-17French language V :Text types and genres II3Y
Υ-ΓΛΩ-18French language VΙ : Oral speech skills development 2Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-14A general Introduction to literary criticism5Y
Υ-ΛΟΓ-15French Literature IV: Novel5Y

Lehrveranstaltungen des 7. Semesters

7. Semester
2 Veranstaltungen
Υ-ΓΛΩ-19Practice Programme6Y
ΥΠΟ-06Academic writing techniques4YPO

Lehrveranstaltungen des 8. Semesters

8. Semester
1 Veranstaltung
Υ-ΓΛΩ-19Practice Programme (repeating)6Y

Lehrveranstaltungen des Wintersemesters

20 Veranstaltungen
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-01ICT in language learning – Multilingual digital environments5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-04Didactology of languages-cultures applied to French language5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-05Pragmatics and Communication I5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-25Sociolinguistics Approaches of plurilingualism5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-41Pedagogical theories and classroom practices5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-42Introduction to Pedagogy: Issues of Educational training and Pedagogical Prosessionalism5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-12The autobiographical novel5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-13Childhood and adolescence literature5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-22Contemporary French theater5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-26Cultural theories5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-28Introduction to francophone literature5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-30Literature myths development5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-38Art and Literature5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-05Machine Translation5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-06Translation Tools I5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-08Terminological Research and Documentation5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-16Sociolinguistics, Translation and Cultural Mediation5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-17Translation from Greek into French I5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-19The Cultural Dimension of Translation5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-23Theories of Semiotics and Translation5E

Lehrveranstaltungen des Spring semester

47 Veranstaltungen
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-02ICT in language learning – Multimedia databases & development of electronic dictionaries5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-04Didactology of languages-cultures applied to French language5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-06Pragmatics and Communication II5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-08ICT in language learning – Multimedia & network technologies5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-09ICT in language learning – Interactive applications and authoring tools5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-14Applied linguistics to Lexicology5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-15Lexicology - Lexicography5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-17Onomastic and Culture5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-18Introduction in Semantics5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-20Intercultural semantics and communication5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-21Assessment of communicational competencies in foreign languages5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-24Introduction to Sociolinguistics5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-26Sociolinguistic representations, code-switching and plurilingualism5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-28ICT in language learning – Digital technologies in Classroom5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-29ICT in language learning – Databases and language applications5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-34Special issues in Language studies II5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-42Introduction to Pedagogy: Issues of Educational training and Pedagogical Prosessionalism5E
ΚΕ-ΓΛΩ-43Course-planning and evaluation5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-01Literary topics5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-0618th century novel5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-0719th century novel5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-08The "Nouveau Roman"5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-13Childhood and adolescence literature5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-16Press and literature5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-21The theater of the absurd5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-23Specific drama topics5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-24Theater and drama theory5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-25Specific cultural topics5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-27Intercultural competence and globalization5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-28Introduction to francophone literature5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-30Literature myths development5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-33Literary theory topics5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-35French language teaching through literature5E
ΚΕ-ΛΟΓ-38Art and Literature5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-01General Translation II5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-03Utterer-centered Linguistics and Translation5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-04Contrastive Linguistics and Translation5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-06Translation Tools I5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-07Translation Tools II5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-11Literary Translation II5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-12Specialized Translation I5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-13Specialized Translation II5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-15Aplications Semiotics to Translation5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-16Sociolinguistics, Translation and Cultural Mediation5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-17Translation from Greek into French I5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-19The Cultural Dimension of Translation5E
ΚΕ-ΜΕΤ-24Localization Techniques5E