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Qualification AwardedMA Systematic Philosophy
Cycle / Level2. Magisterstudiengang
Akademisches Jahr2017 - 2018
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 25 hours of workload.
MA Systematic Philosophy
For the I.I.P.P.S. (Interinstitutional Program of Post-graduate Studies) it is necessary to have a degree from a Greek University, or an equivalent degree from a foreign University in a related field, or a degree from the Technological Departments in a related object. Selection of candidates for the I.I.P.P.S. is made upon the results of the written examination, the interview of the candidate with the Coordination Committee of the Program, the degree, the knowledge of English or French or German, previous experience, publications or scientific works. The interview is conducted on issues of wider scientific interest and aims at: a) to determine the general training of the candidate, b) to form (depending on previous studies) an image of the special educational needs and particularities of the candidate, in case he is accepted.
The I.I.P.P.S. "SYSTEMATIC PHILOSOPHY" seeks systematic specialization in the following areas of "Systematic Philosophy": 1. Theoretical Systematic Philosophy. 2. Practical Systematic Philosophy. 3. Philosophy of Art and Technology. The I.I.P.P.S. "SYSTEMATIC PHILOSOPHY" aims scientifically at the promotion of knowledge and the development of research in the particular disciplines of Systematic Philosophy. Epistemologically it explores the methods and conditions of application of the systematic concepts of philosophy, which lead to the conceptual determination of the relationship between the mental and the real. The I.I.P.P.S. "Systematic Philosophy" contains elements of reflective approach of the field of experience, with emphasis on the application of concepts and philosophical categories in it. Socially, it aims at satisfying the educational, research, social, cultural and developmental needs of the country, at the training of high level scientists capable of contributing to theoretical and applied areas of the field of Systematic Philosophy as well as at the production and transmission of knowledge tools, methods and results in the scientific field in which each founding Department of the present I.I.P.P.S. is specialized. In particular, the I.I.P.P.S. "SYSTEMATIC PHILOSOPHY" trains, in the context of its mission, scientists for the needs of Philosophical Research and Education. An important field of activity is the philosophical training of university graduates in both theoretical and positive directions in the different cognitive areas of Theoretical Systematic Philosophy, Practical Systematic Philosophy and Philosophy of Art and Technology. The aim is to deepen the research of the individual problems of the above cognitive areas as well as the research of their theoretical and conceptual correlations. The systematic philosophical education and training of candidates and current teachers of Secondary Education is also sought.
The acquisition of D.P.S. (Degree of Postgraduate Studies) in Systematic Philosophy (2nd cycle) makes it possible to access the 3rd cycle (Doctoral Diploma).
The grading scale for the evaluation of postgraduate students is defined from zero (0) to ten (10), as follows: Excellent (8.5 to 10), very good (6.5 to 8.5 not included), good (6 to 6.5 not included). Sufficient grade is six (6) and above.
The duration of studies leading to the acquisition of the Postgraduate Diploma is four (4) semesters and does not exceed six (6) semesters.
Full time attendance
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