Medical Informatics I

Course Information
TitleΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ ΠΛΗΡΟΦΟΡΙΚΗ Ι / Medical Informatics I
FacultyHealth Sciences
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Teaching PeriodWinter/Spring
CoordinatorAnthony Aletras
Course ID240000551

Programme of Study: UPS of School of Dentistry (2010-today)

Registered students: 140
OrientationAttendance TypeSemesterYearECTS
CoreCompulsory Course113

Class Information
Academic Year2018 – 2019
Class PeriodWinter
Faculty Instructors
Instructors from Other Categories
Weekly Hours3
Class ID
Course Type 2016-2020
  • Background
Course Type 2011-2015
General Foundation
Mode of Delivery
  • Face to face
General Competences
  • Apply knowledge in practice
  • Retrieve, analyse and synthesise data and information, with the use of necessary technologies
  • Work in an interdisciplinary team
Course Content (Syllabus)
Introduction to Medical Informatics Biomedical Data and the Computer Medical and Health patient Record Telehealth and homecare systems Medical Information and Internet Biomedical data and analysis Medical Decision support
Educational Material Types
  • Notes
  • Slide presentations
  • Interactive excersises
  • Book
Use of Information and Communication Technologies
Use of ICT
  • Use of ICT in Course Teaching
  • Use of ICT in Laboratory Teaching
  • Use of ICT in Communication with Students
  • Use of ICT in Student Assessment
Description : electronic educational material and quizes electronic material in lectures(slides, video, etc) Lab exercises in computer lab Communication via and emails Final test checked by electronic means
Course Organization
Laboratory Work261
Student Assessment
a series of labs, each one having an exercise that needs to be completed and scored (in total 20% of final grade) an intermediate written exam (10%), and written final exams (70% of final grade)
Student Assessment methods
  • Written Exam with Multiple Choice Questions (Summative)
  • Labortatory Assignment (Summative)
Course Bibliography (Eudoxus)
Εκπαιδευτικό σύγγραμμα (Βιοπληροφορική-Εφαρμογές Υπολογιστών στη Φροντίδα Υγείας και τη Βιοϊατρική, Cimino J., Shortlife) μέσω συστήματος Εύδοξος
Additional bibliography for study
Handbook of Medical Informatics, JH van Bemmel and M. Musen, Edts, Springer, 1997. Medical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine / by Edward H. Shortliffe (Editor), Lawrence M. Fagan, Gio Wiederhold, Leslie E., Perreault. Publisher: Springer Verlag; 2nd edition (November 2000). Information Technology for the health professionals, L Burke, B. Weill, Prentice Hall, 2000.
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