Music production ΙΙΙ: Video techniques (audiovisual)

Course Information
TitleΜουσική παραγωγή III: Tεχνικές βίντεο (ήχος και εικόνα) / Music production ΙΙΙ: Video techniques (audiovisual)
FacultyFine Arts
SchoolMusic Studies
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Teaching PeriodSpring
Course ID600013927

Programme of Study: PPS Tmīmatos Mousikṓn Spoudṓn (2017-sīmera)

Registered students: 6
OrientationAttendance TypeSemesterYearECTS
Musicology / Music EducationElective Courses845
Music CompositionElective Courses845

Class Information
Academic Year2018 – 2019
Class PeriodSpring
Instructors from Other Categories
Weekly Hours3
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Course Type 2016-2020
  • Scientific Area
  • Skills Development
Course Type 2011-2015
Knowledge Deepening / Consolidation
Mode of Delivery
  • Face to face
Digital Course Content
The course is also offered to exchange programme students.
Language of Instruction
  • Greek (Instruction, Examination)
  • English (Instruction, Examination)
  • German (Instruction, Examination)
Learning Outcomes
Before the completion of this course each student should be able to: 1) Understand and display advanced knowledge on sound technology systems, and audio/video recording devices and techniques. 2) Display practical skills in production of audiovisual material.
Course Content (Syllabus)
• Recording techniques for surround sound (5.1 and 7.1) • Various techniques for surround recordings • Directing of surround recording with score sheets • Basic technology and techniques of audio and visual production • Audio and visual production studios and topics of video recording (cameras, techniques) • Digital video: A basic start and practical topics of conversion, editing, and compressing. • Computer-based Multi-track mixing and video/sound editing • Practice designing and organizing audiovisual content • Technologies of digital recording, processing and mixing non-linear system (music at the start and end, interview editing, titles, graphics, effects etc.) • Practice chroma-keying techniques • Converting and exporting audiovisual material to ideal format
Course Organization
Laboratory Work301
Written assigments100.3
Artistic creation200.7
Student Assessment
Student Assessment methods
  • Oral Exams (Formative)
  • Performance / Staging (Formative)
  • Labortatory Assignment (Formative)
  • Artistic Performance (Formative)
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