Specialised, face-to-face Tutorial

Course Information
TitleΕξειδικευμένη και Εξατομικευμένη Διδασκαλία / Specialised, face-to-face Tutorial
CodeΙΣΤ 801
SchoolHistory and Archaeology
Cycle / Level2nd / Postgraduate
Teaching PeriodWinter/Spring
Course ID600016078

Programme of Study: Historical Research

Registered students: 0
OrientationAttendance TypeSemesterYearECTS
Neóterīs kai Sýnchronīs IstoríasCompulsory CourseWinter/Spring-15

Class Information
Academic Year2018 – 2019
Class PeriodWinter
Faculty Instructors
Class ID
Course Type 2011-2015
Knowledge Deepening / Consolidation
Mode of Delivery
  • Face to face
Digital Course Content
Language of Instruction
  • Greek (Instruction)
Learning Outcomes
Students who attend the course are expected to • understand the theoretical questions concerning the specific topic which will be the focus of their MA disseration • learn in depth the historical period in which their specific research is set • familiarise with the historical resources which they need to study for the purpose of their research • practise in the digital search for suitable, specialised bibliography • develop special skills in matters of historical methodology and interpretation • practice their skills in the auxilary sciences of history required for their research
General Competences
  • Retrieve, analyse and synthesise data and information, with the use of necessary technologies
  • Make decisions
  • Work autonomously
  • Generate new research ideas
  • Design and manage projects
  • Be critical and self-critical
  • Advance free, creative and causative thinking
Course Content (Syllabus)
This is a face to face tuition of the supervisee by his/her thesis supervisor, customised on the needs of a specific research topic. The aim is to guide the student to the cutting edge knowledge in a historical period or topic which will be the chosen focus of his MA thesis, to assist his/her practice with the primary sources of that period, to search for the suitable bibliography, to choose and to develop research methodology and the necessary skills in the required auxialiary historical disciplines.
research, bibliogrpahy, sourses, auxialiary sciences, methodology, planning
Educational Material Types
  • selected bibliogrpahy
Course Organization
Reading Assigment2107
Written assigments1204
Student Assessment
Evaluation depends on students' response to weekly assignments, which include chiefly the understanding of the literture relevent to the thesis, the preparation of bibiographical reviews, and progress in the study of sources with the assistance of auxialary sciences.
Student Assessment methods
  • Oral Exams (Formative)
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