Clinical Biochemistry

Course Information
TitleΚλινική Βιοχημεία / Clinical Biochemistry
FacultyHealth Sciences
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Teaching PeriodSpring
CoordinatorKali Makedou
Course ID600017875

Programme of Study: UPS of School of Medicine (2019-today)

Registered students: 302
OrientationAttendance TypeSemesterYearECTS
KORMOSCompulsory Course424

Class Information
Academic Year2020 – 2021
Class PeriodSpring
Faculty Instructors
Class ID
1. Εργ. Βιολογικής Χημείας
Course Type 2011-2015
Specific Foundation / Core
Mode of Delivery
  • Face to face
  • Distance learning
The course is also offered to exchange programme students.
Language of Instruction
  • Greek (Instruction, Examination)
  • English (Examination)
Required Courses
  • ΙΑ1004 General Biochemistry
  • ΙΑ1011 Biochemistry I
  • ΙΑ1018 Biochemistry II
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the semester, students will be able to know the biochemical and molecular basis of the pathophysiology of different diseases in the vast spectrum of Internal Medicine and Surgery. They will be acquainted with all those lab exams necessary for the investigation of diseases and their interpretation, and they will have understood the clinical significance of the assessment of biochemical parameters and biomarkers in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment follow-up in different pathological conditions and diseases.
General Competences
  • Apply knowledge in practice
  • Retrieve, analyse and synthesise data and information, with the use of necessary technologies
  • Make decisions
  • Work in teams
  • Work in an interdisciplinary team
  • Respect natural environment
  • Be critical and self-critical
Educational Material Types
  • Notes
  • Slide presentations
  • Video lectures
  • Book
Use of Information and Communication Technologies
Use of ICT
  • Use of ICT in Course Teaching
  • Use of ICT in Laboratory Teaching
  • Use of ICT in Communication with Students
  • Use of ICT in Student Assessment
The use of new technology and multimedia is fundamental in the teaching of Clinical Biochemistry; all biochemical determinations during the laboratory exercise of the students take place by using specific instruments, such as spectrophotometers; lectures are given by the use of multimedia; students may get in contact with their Professors directly, via elearning and via email. Finally, for the evaluation of students at the end of the laboratory lessons a quiz is given via elearning and the oral examination of Clinical Biochemistry as a course at the end of the semester is computer-based as it takes place via ZOOM.
Course Organization
Laboratory Work120.4
Written assigments100.4
Student Assessment
The evaluation will take place at the end of the semester, through oral examand a written quiz at the end of the Lab work.
Student Assessment methods
  • Written Exam with Multiple Choice Questions (Formative)
  • Oral Exams (Summative)
  • Labortatory Assignment (Formative)
Course Bibliography (Eudoxus)
1. Wiliam J.Marshall, Marta Lapsley, Andrew P. Day, Ruth M. Ayling . Κλινική Βιοχημεία (2021). Εκδόσεις Utopia (Κωδικός στον ΕΥΔΟΞΟ: 94689642) 2. Gaw Allan,Cowan Robert A.,O’Reilly Dennis S. J.,Stewart Michael J.,Shepherd James. Κλινική Βιοχημεία (2010) ΠΑΡΙΣΙΑΝΟΥ Α.Ε. (Κωδικός στον ΕΥΔΟΞΟ: 42049)
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