Course Information
TitleΕισαγωγή στην επιστήμη της διατροφής / Nutrition
FacultyPhysical Education and Sport Science
SchoolPhysical Education and Sport Science (Serres)
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Teaching PeriodWinter/Spring
Course ID260000568

Programme of Study: UPS of School of Physical Education and Sports Science in Serres (2014)

Registered students: 55
OrientationAttendance TypeSemesterYearECTS
KORMOSCompulsory CourseWinter/Spring-3

Class Information
Academic Year2020 – 2021
Class PeriodSpring
Faculty Instructors
Weekly Hours2
Class ID
Course Type 2016-2020
  • Background
Course Type 2011-2015
General Foundation
Mode of Delivery
  • Face to face
Digital Course Content
Language of Instruction
  • Greek (Instruction, Examination)
Learning Outcomes
With the successful completion of the course, students will be able to know basic concepts of nutrition as well as the basic instructions for balanced nutrition in human life stages.
General Competences
  • Adapt to new situations
  • Work in teams
  • Work in an interdisciplinary team
  • Be critical and self-critical
  • Advance free, creative and causative thinking
Course Content (Syllabus)
Energy and nutrition Basic metabolism rate Macronutrients (the role of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids in human nutrition) micronutrients (the role of vitamins and minerals in his diet) Water and hydro balance factors affected by human nutrition Nutrition in childhood and adolescence Nutrition in adult and third age Obesity (causes, treatment, childhood obesity) Health program: nutrition and physical activity
Educational Material Types
  • Notes
  • Slide presentations
  • Book
Use of Information and Communication Technologies
Use of ICT
  • Use of ICT in Course Teaching
  • Use of ICT in Laboratory Teaching
  • Use of ICT in Communication with Students
  • Use of ICT in Student Assessment
Course Organization
Reading Assigment281.1
Student Assessment
The criteria and methods of evaluation and grading are present in the study guide but also are communicated orally in the first course. During the semester, and on scheduled dates, students are invited to participate in two mid-term formative assessments with multiple choice questions and short answers. The results of the evaluation contribute to a percentage of 20% in the final grade
Student Assessment methods
  • Written Exam with Multiple Choice Questions (Formative, Summative)
  • Written Exam with Short Answer Questions (Formative, Summative)
  • Written Exam with Extended Answer Questions (Summative)
Course Bibliography (Eudoxus)
1.Εγχειρίδιο τροφίμων και διατροφής της Αμερικανικής Διαιτητικής Εταιρίας προσαρμοσμένο στον ελληνικό τρόπο ζωής, Roberta Larson Duyff, Επιμέλεια για την ελληνική έκδοση Ειρ. Κοΐδου, εκδ. Σοφία, 2014 2.Εισαγωγή στη διατροφή του ανθρώπου, Μ. Gibney, H Vorster, F. Kok. Επιμέλεια Αντ. Ματάλα, Μ. Γιαννακούλια), εκδ. Παρισιάνου, 2007 3. Διατροφή για υγεία άσκηση και αθλητισμό ( Κ.Β.17201) Σφλώμος Κωνσταντίνος, ΚΥΡΙΑΚΟΣ ΑΛΕΞΙΟΥ & ΣΙΑ ΕΕ Έκδοση: 2017 ΑΘΗΝΑ
Additional bibliography for study
Διατροφή για υγεία, Άσκηση και Αθλητισμό Μ.Χασαπίδου, Α. Τσιλιγκίρογλου-Φαχαντίδου University Studio Press Salto 2002 Θεσσαλονίκη ΣΥΓΧΡΟΝΗ ΔΙΑΤΡΟΦΗ ΚΑΙ ΔΙΑΙΤΟΛΟΓΙΑ Παπανικολάου Γ. Θυμάρι 2005 Αθήνα
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