Technology-Materials and Social-Economic Environment

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TitleΤΕΧΝΟΛΟΓΙΑ-ΥΛΙΚΑ ΚΑΙ ΟΙΚΟΝΟΜΙΚΟ, ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΟ ΠΕΡΙΒΑΛΛΟΝ / Technology-Materials and Social-Economic Environment
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Teaching PeriodSpring
CoordinatorPhilomela Komninou
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Programme of Study: PROGRAMMA SPOUDŌN 2022

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Programme of Study: UPS of School of Physics (2012-today)

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Academic Year2022 – 2023
Class PeriodSpring
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Basic concepts and technology development phases, economic and social environment. The evolution of technology and development models, progress of technology and humanity, technology and materials, the Materials Science, the main phases of development to produce a new product, basic research and knowledge, the relationship of Research and Development (R&D) with users, industry-universities. Technology and Academic Research. Research and experimental development, criteria for distinguishing R & D from related activities, the definition of the researcher, industry and knowledge, academia interactions and industry career in R & D, research training, spin-off companies. Copyright, certification and quality assurance. Throwback, vesting reasons of intellectual and industrial property protection diplomas, international framework and institutions, the role of patents in promoting innovation and the adverse impact, patent acquisition procedures, standardization, certification and quality assurance, ISO standards.
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