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Distinction Information
Description1st Prize winner (team leader) in spatial planning national competition (2018) calling for innovative proposals regarding the “Strategic spatial development and planning of the Peiros – Parapeiros Dam (Asteri artificial lake)”. Team members: M. Papageorgiou (leader), Aik. Gkoltsiou and Demetra Rachmanidou, S. Moundrichas, D. Karamitsiou, Th. Kostopoulou, V.D. Repsi, St. Matoulas.
Distinction TypePersonnel
Distinction LevelNational
Awarded byWestern Greece Region (Regional Development Fund)
Distinction Date15-12-2018
Distinction StatusApproval
A/AFull NameRankFaculty / School
1Marilena PapageorgiouAssistant ProfessorSchool of Spatial Planning and Development