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Cognitive Psychology and Applications

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  1. Cognitive Psychology and Applications
Holders of a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, Departments of Pedagogical Direction or Departments leading to teaching in secondary education, Departments of Medicine and Nursing, Informatics, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Polytechnic.
Postgraduate Diploma is not awarded to a student whose first-degree degree from a foreign institution has not been recognized by the Interdisciplinary Academic Recognition Organization (DOATAP) . 3328/2005 (A '80).
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Cognitive Psychology

Tuition Fees: Αttendance fees are paid in two equal installments: the first installment is paid with enrollment, while the second is paid at the beginning of the second year of study (start of the 3rd semester of study).

Scholarship: Rewarding scholarships are awarded each year, based on merit, need and available funds



4 semesters
Full Time
Face to face
Written Exams
Portfolio Examination