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Applied Nutrition and Health Promotion

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  1. Clinical-Medical Nutrition
  2. Nutrition and Public Health
This Postgraduate Specialisation Degree (PGSD) programme accepts:
1) degree holders from Universities and Technological Educational Institutes and specifically graduates of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinarian Medicine, Pharmacy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Biology, Agricultural Sciences, Public Health, Nursing or graduates of similar faculties or departments,
2) graduates of other similar faculties or departments from recognized foreign institutions (par. 1, art. 43, Law 4485/04-08-2017) with a special interest in Nutritional Science,
3) graduates of other faculties or departments from national or foreign Universities and Technological Educational Institutes with at least two years of documented professional experience in the field of Nutrition.
  1. Health Sciences


3 semesters
6 semesters (part time)
Full Time Part Time
Face to face
Oral Exams
Portfolio Examination