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Linguistic and Cultural Studies

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  1. Translation, Communication and Publishing
  2. Literrature, History and Cultures
  3. Technology and Language-teaching
  4. Language disorders and educational intervention
TEchnology, Language Pathology, Translation and Communication, Literature and Civilization

Language of Instruction: Language of instraction: Technology and Language-teaching: En & El Translation, Communication and Publishing: It, Es & El Literrature, History and Cultures: It & EL Language disorders and educational intervention: El & En

Tuition Fees: Technology and Language-teaching: 1.500€ - 2.500€
Translation, Communication and Publishing: 1.300€ - 2.300€
Literrature, History and Cultures: 300€ - 2.300€
Language disorders and educational intervention: 1.500€-2.500€

Attributes: Graduates can work in Public and Private Education centres.



3 semesters
Full Time
Face to face
Written Exams
Oral Exams
Portfolio Examination