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Journal Article

  1. Ali Ahmer, De Risi Raffaele, Sextos Anastasios, Goda Katsuichiro, Chang Zhiwang (2019). Seismic vulnerability of offshore wind turbines to pulse and non‐pulse records. Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics.
  2. Anastasiadou K, Vougias Spyridon (2019). “Smart” or “sustainably smart” urban road networks?: The most important commercial street in Thessaloniki as a case study. Transport Policy. vol.82 p.18-25.
  3. Argyroudis Sotirios, Mitoulis Stergios A, Winter Mike G, Kaynia Amir M (2019). Fragility of transport assets exposed to multiple hazards: State-of-the-art review toward infrastructural resilience. Reliability Engineering & System Safety. vol.191.
  4. Baldo Nicola, Manthos Evangelos, Miani Matteo (2019). Stiffness Modulus and Marshall Parameters of Hot Mix Asphalts: Laboratory Data Modeling by Artificial Neural Networks Characterized by Cross-Validation. Applied Sciences. vol.9 no.17 p.3502.
  5. Davoudi Kamyar M, Ayfantis Ilias (2019). Screw dislocation in a Bi-medium within strain gradient elasticity revisited. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials. vol.28 no.1 p.68-73.
  6. Gallos Parisis, Liaskos Joseph, Georgiadis Charalampos, Enkeleint Aggelos Mechili, Mantas John (2019). Measuring the intention of using augmented reality technology in the health domain. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. vol.264 p.1641-1642.
  7. Giannaraki Georgia, Kassaras Ioannis, Roumelioti Zafeiria, Kazantzidou-Firtinidou Danai, Ganas Athanasios (2019). Deterministic seismic risk assessment in the city of Aigion (W. Corinth Gulf, Greece) and juxtaposition with real damage due to the 1995 Mw6.4 earthquake. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. vol.17 no.2 p.603-634.
  8. Kesikidou Fotini, Stefanidou Maria (2019). Natural fiber-reinforced mortars. Journal of Building Engineering. vol. 25.
  9. Kifokeris D, Xenidis Yiannis (2019). Risk Source-based Constructability Appraisal Using Supervised Machine Learning. Automation in Construction. vol.104 p.341-359.
  10. Kifokeris D, Xenidis Yiannis (2019). Analysis of Impartial Implementation in Practice of Risk Identification in Technical Projects. ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering. vol.5 no.3.
  11. Kostinakis Konstantinos, Athanatopoulou-Kyriakou Asimina (2019). Effects of in-plan irregularities caused by masonry infills on the seismic behavior of R/C buildings. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering.
  12. Kougias Ioannis, Szabo Sandor, Nikitas Alexandros, Theodosiou Nikolaos (2019). Sustainable energy modelling of non-interconnected Mediterranean islands. Renewable Energy. vol.133 p.930-940.
  13. Kralli Vasiliki-Eleni, Theodosiou Nikolaos, Karampas Theofanis (2019). Optimal Design of Overtopping Breakwater for Energy Conversion (OBREC) Systems Using the Harmony Search Algorithm. Frontiers in Energy Research. vol.7.
  14. Morfidis Konstantinos, Kostinakis Konstantinos (2019). Comparative evaluation of MFP and RBF neural networks’ ability for instant estimation of r/c buildings’ seismic damage level. Engineering Structures. vol.197.
  15. Naderpour A, Majrouhi Sardroud J, Mofid M, Xenidis Yiannis, Pour Rostam T (2019). Uncertainty Management in Time Estimation of Construction Projects: A Systematic Literature Review and New Model Development. Scientia Iranica, Transactions A: Civil Engineering. vol.26 no.2 p.752-778.
  16. Pachta Vasiliki, Papadopoulos F, Stefanidou Maria (2019). Development and testing of grouts based on perlite by-products and lime. Construction and Building Materials. vol.207 p.338–344.
  17. Papachristoforou Michail, Mitsopoulos Vasilios, Stefanidou Maria (2019). Use of by-products for partial replacement of 3D printed concrete constituents; rheology, strength and shrinkage performance. Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale. vol.5 p.526-536.
  18. Papagianni-Papadopoulou Ioanna, Kesikidou Fotini, Alt Philip Henes (2019). The role of shrinkage reducing admixtures and supplementary cementitious materials in volume stability and strength development. MATEC Web of Conferences. vol.289 p.02005.
  19. Seylabi Elnaz Esmaeilzadeh, Agapaki Eva, Pitilakis Dimitrios, Brandenberg Scott, Stewart Jonathan P, Taciroglu Ertugrul (2019). Centrifuge Testing of Circular and Rectangular Embedded Structures with Base Excitations. Earthquake Spectra. vol.35 no.3 p.1485-1505.
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Journal Article

  1. Joly R, Pyrgidis Christos (Υπό δημοσίευση). Compensation de l’ insuffisance de devers d’ un véhicule ferroviaire dans une courbe. Rail Engineering International. [Υπό δημοσίευση].
  2. Shaw R. P, Manolis G. D (Υπό δημοσίευση). Green’s functions for heterogeneous media potential problems by conformal mapping. Journal of Engineering Mechanics. ASCE. [Υπό δημοσίευση].
  3. Spathis Panagiotis, Charalambakis Nikolaos, Christaras Vasileios, Kasoli-Fournaraki Anna, Papastergiadis E (Υπό δημοσίευση). Building materials, deterioration problems and structural conservation of Macedonian Tomb of Derveni. Studies in Conservation. [Υπό δημοσίευση].
  4. Stergioudis A, Lakakis K, Savvaidis P (Υπό δημοσίευση). Performance estimation of spatial classification algorithms in mixed environment areas. Journal of Spatial Science. [Υπό δημοσίευση].

Journal Article

  1. Papayianni I, Stefanidou M (submitted). Technology and characteristics of old bricks. Archaeometry. [submitted].


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