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  1. Mintsouli I., Tsiridis V., Petala M., Pliatsikas N., Rebeyre P., Darakas E., Kostoglou M., Sotiropoulos S., Karapantsios T.. Behavior of Ti-6Al-4 V surfaces after exposure to water disinfected with ionic silver. Applied Surface Science. vol.427. p.763-770. 1 January 2018.
  2. Thermou G., Katakalos K., Manos G.. Experimental investigation of substandard RC columns confined with SRG jackets under compression. Composite Structures. vol.184. p.56-65. 15 January 2018.
  3. Lazaridou M., Ntislidou C., Karaouzas I., Skoulikidis N.. Harmonisation of a new assessment method for estimating the ecological quality status of Greek running waters. Ecological Indicators. vol.84. p.683-694. January 2018.
  4. Krauchanka M., Krasnitckii S., Gutkin M., Kolesnikova A., Romanov A., Aifantis E.. Generation of circular prismatic dislocation loops in decahedral small particles. Scripta Materialia. vol.146. p.77-81. 15 March 2018.
  5. Ntassiou K., Doukas I., Lagkas T.. Application of GIS in the study examining the utilization of natural vegetation as forage material, during a traditional transhumance route: The case of a route from the highlands of SW Macedonia to the lowlands of Thessaly, Greece. Applied Geography. vol.91. p.70-80. February 2018.
  6. Koftis T., Prinos P.. Reynolds stress modelling of flow in compound channels with vegetated floodplains. Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research. vol.6. no.1. p.17-27. 2 January 2018.
  7. Dunne L., Manos G.. Statistical mechanics of binary mixture adsorption in metal-organic frameworks in the osmotic ensemble. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences. vol.376. no.2115. 13 March 2018.
  8. Asimina S., Chapizanis D., Karakitsios S., Kontoroupis P., Asimakopoulos D., Maggos T., Sarigiannis D.. Assessing and enhancing the utility of low-cost activity and location sensors for exposure studies. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. vol.190. no.3. 1 March 2018.
  9. Alotaibi M., Manayil J., Greenway G., Haswell S., Kelly S., Lee A., Wilson K., Kyriakou G.. Lipase immobilised on silica monoliths as continuous-flow microreactors for triglyceride transesterification. Reaction Chemistry and Engineering. vol.3. no.1. p.68-74. 14 February 2018.
  10. Verrelli E., Michelakaki I., Boukos N., Kyriakou G., Tsoukalas D.. Coalescence of Cluster Beam Generated Sub-2 nm Bare Au Nanoparticles and Analysis of Au Film Growth Parameters. Annalen der Physik. vol.530. no.2. Februaryy 2018.
  11. Yentekakis I., Goula G., Kampouri S., Betsi-Argyropoulou I., Panagiotopoulou P., Taylor M., Kyriakou G., Lambert R.. Ir-Catalysed Nitrous oxide (N2O) Decomposition: Effect of Ir Particle Size and Metal–Support Interactions. Catalysis Letters. vol.148. no.1. p.341-347. 1 January 2018.
  12. Kiritsakis K., Goula A., Adamopoulos K., Gerasopoulos D.. Valorization of Olive Leaves: Spray Drying of Olive Leaf Extract. Waste and Biomass Valorization. vol.9. no.4. p.619-633. 1 April 2018.
  13. Kazakis N., Kantiranis N., Kalaitzidou K., Kaprara E., Mitrakas M., Frei R., Vargemezis G., Vogiatzis D., Zouboulis A., Filippidis A.. Environmentally available hexavalent chromium in soils and sediments impacted by dispersed fly ash in Sarigkiol basin (Northern Greece). Environmental Pollution. vol.235. p.632-641. April 2018.
  14. Karaolia P., Michael-Kordatou I., Hapeshi E., Drosou C., Bertakis Y., Christofilos D., Armatas G., Sygellou L., Schwartz T., Xekoukoulotakis N., Fatta-Kassinos D.. Removal of antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and their associated genes by graphene-based TiO2composite photocatalysts under solar radiation in urban wastewaters. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. vol.224. p.810-824. May 2018.
  15. Beatrice C., Dobák S., Tsakaloudi V., Ragusa C., Fiorillo F., Martino L., Zaspalis V.. Magnetic loss, permeability, and anisotropy compensation in CoO-doped Mn-Zn ferrites. AIP Advances. vol.8. no.4. 1 April 2018.
  16. Zabaniotou A.. Redesigning a bioenergy sector in EU in the transition to circular waste-based Bioeconomy-A multidisciplinary review. Journal of Cleaner Production. vol.177. p.197-206. 10 March 2018.
  17. Polychronopoulou K., Zedan A., AlKetbi M., Stephen S., Ather M., Katsiotis M., Arvanitidis J., Christofilos D., Isakovic A., AlHassan S.. Tailoring the efficiency of an active catalyst for CO abatement through oxidation reaction: The case study of samarium-doped ceria. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. vol.6. no.1. p.266-280. February 2018.
  18. Simha P., Zabaniotou A., Ganesapillai M.. Continuous urea–nitrogen recycling from human urine: A step towards creating a human excreta based bio–economy. Journal of Cleaner Production. vol.172. p.4152-4161. 20 January 2018.
  19. Koukios E., Monteleone M., Texeira Carrondo M., Charalambous A., Girio F., Hernández E., Mannelli S., Parajó J., Polycarpou P., Zabaniotou A.. Targeting sustainable bioeconomy: A new development strategy for Southern European countries. The Manifesto of the European Mezzogiorno. Journal of Cleaner Production. vol.172. p.3931-3941. 20 January 2018.
  20. Montenegro Camacho Y., Bensaid S., Lorentzou S., Vlachos N., Pantoleontos G., Konstandopoulos A., Luneau M., Meunier F., Guilhaume N., Schuurman Y., Werzner E., Herrmann A., Rau F., Krause H., Rezaei E., Ortona A., Gianella S., Khinsky A., Antonini M., Marchisio L., Vilardo F., Trimis D., Fino D.. Development of a robust and efficient biogas processor for hydrogen production. Part 2: Experimental campaign. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. vol.43. no.1. p.161-177. 4 January 2018.
  21. Karatasos K., Kritikos G.. A microscopic view of graphene-oxide/poly(acrylic acid) physical hydrogels: Effects of polymer charge and graphene oxide loading. Soft Matter. vol.14. no.4. p.614-627. 2018.

Book Series Chapter

  1. Pegios I., Papargyri-Beskou S., Beskos D.. Dynamic analysis of gradient poroelastic solids and structures. Advanced Structured Materials. vol.80. p.281-296. 2018.


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