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Journal Article

  1. Pachta V., Tsardaka E.C., Stefanidou M.. The role of flame retardants in cement mortars exposed at elevated temperatures. Construction and Building Materials. vol.273. 1 March 2021.
  2. Karafagka S., Fotopoulou S., Pitilakis D.. Fragility assessment of non-ductile RC frame buildings exposed to combined ground shaking and soil liquefaction considering SSI. Engineering Structures. vol.229. 15 February 2021.
  3. Theodosiou T., Tsikaloudaki K., Kontoleon K., Giarma C.. Assessing the accuracy of predictive thermal bridge heat flow methodologies. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. vol.136. February 2021.
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  8. Tsigarida A., Tsampali E., Konstantinidis A.A., Stefanidou M.. On the use of confocal microscopy for calculating the surface microroughness and the respective hydrophobic properties of marble specimens. Journal of Building Engineering. vol.33. January 2021.
  9. Katakalos K.V., Arnaoutis I.A., Manos G.C.. Identification of failure mechanism of the ottoman bath (hamam) at apollonia (pazarouda) exploiatation of historical data. Case Studies in Construction Materials. vol.14. June 2021.
  10. Petroutsatou K., Maravas A., Saramourtsis A.. A life cycle model for estimating road tunnel cost. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. vol.111. May 2021.
  11. Vagdatli T., Petroutsatou K.. CBA and probabilistic risk analysis tool for non-revenue generating infrastructure projects. The case of Greece. Case Studies on Transport Policy. vol.9. no.1. p.103-124. March 2021.
  12. Chondros M.K., Metallinos A.S., Memos C.D., Karambas T.V., Papadimitriou A.G.. Concerted nonlinear mild-slope wave models for enhanced simulation of coastal processes. Applied Mathematical Modelling. vol.91. p.508-529. March 2021.
  13. Hafeez S., Sanchez F., Al-Salem S.M., Villa A., Manos G., Dimitratos N., Constantinou A.. Decomposition of additive-free formic acid using a pd/c catalyst in flow: Experimental and cfd modelling studies. Catalysts. vol.11. no.3. p.1-19. March 2021.
  14. Muhammad I., Manos G.. Simultaneous pretreatment and catalytic conversion of polyolefins into hydrocarbon fuels over acidic zeolite catalysts. Process Safety and Environmental Protection. vol.146. p.702-717. February 2021.
  15. Muhammad I., Manos G.. Intensification of co-pyrolysis of plastic with biomass via pretreatment. Process Safety and Environmental Protection. vol.146. p.586-598. February 2021.
  16. Petroutsatou K., Apostolidis N., Zarkada A., Ntokou A.. Dynamic planning of construction site for linear projects. Infrastructures. vol.6. no.2. p.1-22. February 2021.
  17. Al-Karablieh J., Kehagia F.. Road safety profile of Greece and Palestine. Journal of King Saud University - Engineering Sciences. 2021.

Book Series Conference Paper

  1. Politis I., Papadopoulos E., Fyrogenis I., Fytsili Z.. A Multi-criteria-Based Methodology for Assessing Alternative Bicycle Lane Implementation Solutions in Urban Networks. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. vol.1278. p.435-444. 2021.
  2. Georgiadis G., Nikolaidou A., Politis I., Papaioannou P.. How Public Transport Could Benefit from Social Media? Evidence from European Agencies. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. vol.1278. p.645-653. 2021.
  3. Georgiadis G., Bakogiannis E., Kopsacheilis A., Barmpas G., Politis I.. Assessing the Compliance of Existing Cycling Route Infrastructure Against National Guidelines in Greece. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. vol.1278. p.980-990. 2021.
  4. Kopsacheilis A., Nikolaidou A., Georgiadis G., Politis I., Papaioannou P.. Investigating the Prospect of Adopting Artificial Intelligence Techniques from Transport Operators in Greece. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. vol.1278. p.1097-1106. 2021.
  5. Sdoukopoulos A., Verani E., Nikolaidou A., Politis I., Mikiki F.. Traffic Calming Measures as a Tool to Revitalise the Urban Environment: The Case of Serres, Greece. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. vol.1278. p.770-779. 2021.
  6. Anagnostopoulos A., Kehagia F.. Evaluating Fastest Path Procedures on Roundabouts by Extracting Vehicle Trajectories from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. vol.1278. p.1001-1011. 2021.
  7. Al-Karablieh J., Kehagia F.. Comparison of Driver’s Behavior in Greece and Palestine (West Bank). Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. vol.1278. p.923-934. 2021.


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