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Study Guide

Qualification AwardedΠτυχίο Φυσικής (Ptychio Physikis) ( Degree in Physics)
Programme of StudyUPS of School of Physics (2012-today)
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Academic Year2017 - 2018
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 30 hours of workload.

Courses of the 1st semester

1st semester
5 classes
ΓΘΥ201Physics I (Mechanics)8COR
ΗΥΥ501Applied Informatics Laboratory5COR
ΜΑΥ201Mathematics I6COR
ΜΑΥ202Applied Mathematics I6COR

Courses of the 2nd semester

2nd semester
6 classes
ΓΘΥ202Physics II (Heat -Thermodynamics)8COR
ΓΘΥ203Physics III (Electricity - Magnetism)8COR
ΓΘΥ501Introductory Physics Laboratory5COR
ΗΥΥ201Computer Programming and Computational Physics4COR
ΗΥΥ501Applied Informatics Laboratory (repeating)5COR
ΜΑΥ203Mathematics II5COR

Courses of the 3rd semester

3rd semester
5 classes
ΑΠΥ201Atmospheric and Enviromental Physics5COR
ΓΘΥ204Physics IV (Waves-Optics)8COR
ΕΦΥ501Electric Circuits Laboratory 5COR
ΜΑΥ204Applied Mathematics II6COR
ΜΑΥ206Mathematics III6COR

Courses of the 4th semester

4th semester
6 classes
ΓΘΥ205Physics V (Modern Physics)8COR
ΓΘΥ206Theoretical Mechanics8COR
ΓΘΥ502Optics Laboratory4COR
ΕΦΥ501Electric Circuits Laboratory (repeating)5COR
ΜΑΥ205Mathematical Methods in Physics5COR

Courses of the 5th semester

5th semester
6 classes
ΑΑΥ201Astronomy and Astrophysics7COR
ΓΘΥ207Quantum Mechanics I8COR
ΓΘΥ503Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratory 4COR
ΓΛΕ501Foreign Language (English)4GE
ΗΤΥ502Electronics Laboratory4COR
ΠΣΥ201Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particles 7COR

Courses of the 6th semester

6th semester
8 classes
ΓΘΥ208Quantum Mechanics II6COR
ΓΘΥ209Statistical Physics7COR
ΓΘΥ503Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratory (repeating)4COR
ΓΛΕ501Foreign Language (English) (repeating)4GE
ΗΤΥ502Electronics Laboratory (repeating)4COR
ΠΣΥ501Nuclear Physics Laboratory 4COR
ΣΥΥ501Structure of Materials Laboratory 4COR

Courses of the 7th semester

7th semester
34 classes
ΑΑΕ103Planetary Systems ans Space Exploration4SE
ΑΜΕ701Senior Thesis8DIS
ΑΠΕ202Atmospheric Environment5BE
ΒΙΕ102Medical Physics and dosimetry4GE
ΓΘΕ201Metrology and Quality Systems4GE
ΓΘΕ203Fluid Mechanics4SE
ΓΘΕ205Quantum Mechanics III4SE
ΓΘΕ206Theoretical Statistical Physics of the Solid State4SE
ΓΘΕ212Chaotic Dynamics4GE
ΔΨΕ401Introduction to Didactics of Physics 5BE
ΔΨΕ501 Didactics of Physics Laboratory4SE
ΕΠΕ201Renewable Energy Resources 5BE
ΕΦΕ203Non Linear Circuits4SE
ΕΦΕ205Materials and Characterization Techniques in Conservation of Works of Art4GE
ΗΤΕ203Electronic Circuits5BE
ΗΥΕ201Digital Systems4SE
ΗΥΕ401Computational Physics and Applications5BE
ΜΑΕ202Mathematical Methods in Physics - II4SE
ΜΑΕ204Non Linear Dynamical Systems5BE
ΠΣΕ203Cosmic Radiation4GE
ΠΣΕ204Elementary Particle Physics5BE
ΠΣΕ501Neuclear Physics Laboratory II4SE
ΣΥΕ201Physics of Metals4GE
ΣΥΕ203Structural Properties of Materials5BE
ΣΥΕ204Crystallography and Applications4SE
ΣΥΕ205Magnetic Materials and Applications4SE
ΣΥΕ206Physics and technology of semiconductor devices 4SE
ΣΥΥ201Solid State Physics8COR
ΧΜΕ201Physical Chemistry4GE

Courses of the 8th semester

8th semester
39 classes
ΑΑΕ101Radioastronomy -Astronomy in non Optical Wave Length4SE
ΑΑΕ601Observational Astronomy5BE
ΑΜΕ201Methodology for the Presentation of Topics in Physics4GE
ΑΜΕ501Internship (repeating)4GE
ΑΜΕ701Senior Thesis (repeating)8DIS
ΑΠΕ101Atmospheric Technology4SE
ΑΠΕ102Atmospheric Diffusion and Dispersion4SE
ΒΙΕ105Physics of the Human Body4GE
ΒΙΕ201Radiation Physics and Applications of Isotopes4SE
ΓΓΕ401Geophysics - Seismology4GE
ΓΘΕ202Hamiltonian Mechanics 5BE
ΓΘΕ204Topics in Quantum Physics 4SE
ΓΘΕ207Geometrical Optics, Photometry and Applications4GE
ΓΘΕ209Quantum Optics - Lasers4SE
ΓΘΕ210General Theory of Relativity4SE
ΓΘΕ211Introduction to Physics of Ionized Gases4SE
ΔΨΕ502Educational Technology Laboratory4GE
ΕΠΕ101Global Environmental Changes4SE
ΕΠΕ202Energy Production from nuclear and convetional energy sources4GE
ΕΦΕ202Linear Circuits4SE
ΕΦΕ206Photonics and Applications4GE
ΕΦΕ207Physics of Surfaces and Nanostructures5BE
ΗΤΕ202Telecommunication Systems5BE
ΗΤΕ501Electronic Circuits: Laboratory course4SE
ΗΥΕ202Computer Architecture4SE
ΚΟΕ601Technology-Materials and Social-Economic Environment4GE
ΜΑΕ201Probability and Statistics4GE
ΜΑΕ203Numerical Analysis4GE
ΠΣΕ101Topics in Nuclear Theory4SE
ΠΣΕ201Nuclear Physics5BE
ΠΣΕ202Environmental Radioactivity4GE
ΠΣΕ206Accelerators and Detectors in Nuclear and Particle Physics4SE
ΠΣΕ207Experimental verification of Elementary Particle Physics4SE
ΣΥΕ202Physics of Materials4GE
ΣΥΕ207Solid State Physics II5BE
ΣΥΕ402Solid State Physics Labatory4SE