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Study Guide

SchoolCivil Engineering
Qualification AwardedEngineering Project Management
Programme of StudyEngineering Project Management
Cycle / Level2nd / Postgraduate
Academic Year2014 - 2015
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 30 hours of workload.

Courses of the 1st semester

1st semester
7 classes
ΔΔΤΕΕ01Human Resources Management5ELC
ΔΔΤΕΕ02Safety and Health in Construction5ELC
ΔΔΤΕΕ03Construction Management in the International Environment 5ELC
ΔΔΤΕΥ01Management of Construction Companies and Sites5COR
ΔΔΤΕΥ02Public Law Elements and Public Procurement 5COR
ΔΔΤΕΥ03Decision Theory 5COR
ΔΔΤΕΥ04Quality Systems and Reengineering5COR

Courses of the 2nd semester

2nd semester
9 classes
ΔΔΤΕΕ04Construction Methods of Transportation Systems5ELC
ΔΔΤΕΕ05Management of Geotechnical Projects5ELC
ΔΔΤΕΕ06Management of Hydraulic and Marine Works5ELC
ΔΔΤΕΕ07Management of Structural Projects5ELC
ΔΔΤΕΕ08Land Property and Facilities Management5ELC
ΔΔΤΕΥ05Management of Construction Projects5COR
ΔΔΤΕΥ06Project Appraisal and Financing 5COR
ΔΔΤΕΥ07Information Systems for Engineering Project Management 5COR
ΔΔΤΕΥ08 Strategic Planning 5COR