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Study Guide

SchoolSocial Theology and Christian Culture
Qualification AwardedΠτυχίο Κοινωνικής Θεολογίας και Χριστιανικού Πολιτισμού (Degree in Social Theology and Christian Culture)
Programme of StudyUPS of School of Pastoral and Social Theology (2013-today)
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Academic Year2018 - 2019
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 25 hours of workload.

Course Attendance Type Distribution

A/AAttendance Typen%
1Elective Courses12365%
2Elective Course from any School of the University11%
3Core Courses11%
4Foreign Language42%
5Compulsory Course3217%
6Elective Courses belonging to the selected specialization2915%
(Study guide's courses in the administrative information system, n=190)