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Study Guide

Qualification AwardedMsc in "Critical thinking and soft skills in Biomedical and Social Sciences"
Programme of StudyIPPS Critical thinking and soft skills in Biomedical Sciences
Cycle / Level2nd / Postgraduate
Academic Year2020 - 2021
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 26 hours of workload.
Karagiannis Asterios, Professor of Internal Medicine AUTH Demetriadou Catherine, Professor of Teaching Methodology UWM
Msc in "Critical thinking and soft skills in Biomedical and Social Sciences"
The Program of Postgraduate Studies "Critical thinking and soft skills in Biomedical Sciences" accepts graduates of the Departments of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Nursing, other Health Scientists (such as Specialists for the Prevention and Treatment of Addicted Persons, Health Visitors, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech Therapists) as well as graduates of Psychology, Sociology, Social Work and Primary Education.
The admission of students is based on rating their documented qualifications and their interview.
According to Law 1567/20-10-2004, alteration Law 1807/10-9-2007, for the acquisition of the Master of Science (MSc) "Critical thinking and soft skills in Biomedical Sciences", postgraduate students have to complete a set of courses extending over 2 semesters (including the summer), which corresponds to 75 ECTS (Law 67145/B7, Law 1889/2007/Β7). Τhey have to attend and successfully be examined to six courses; four compulsory and two electives (45 ECTS). In the 2nd semester (30 ECTS) they design and complete their Postgraduate Thesis, which they defend publicly and, subsequently, being examined. The program aims to the specialization of a spectrum of scientists in "Critical thinking and soft skills in Biomedical Sciences".
Graduates of the MSc "Critical thinking and soft skills in Biomedical Sciences" will be able to work in positions of public and private sectors, which require specialized knowledge in the subject of "Critical thinking and soft skills in Biomedical Sciences".
The qualification is a terminal award and allows access to doctoral studies.
Grading scheme, grade distribution guidance (in original language): A scale of 1 to 10 applies to the marks of each subject in the Hellenic Higher Education. The grading scheme for the qualification of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Study Program follows the following distribution: (Ministerial Decision no Φ.1231/Β1/425 art.60, Hellenic Government Gazette no 1099/2000/B):
Άριστα (Arista) Excellent: 8.50-10.00
Λίαν Καλώς (Lian Kalos) Very Good: 6.50- 8.49
Καλώς (Kalos) Good: 6.00-6.49
Minimum passing grade: 6 (AUTH Rule of Procedure Α.Π.Θ., no 127/2-2-11).
2 Semesters (including the summer), 75 ECTS. Approval of Postgraduate Courses (General Assembly of Special Composition 12/30-04-2015).
The students need to collect 45 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) from the Compulsory and Elective Courses, and 30 ECTS from the Preparation of the MSc Thesis (for a total of 75 ECTS). Each unit ECTS represents, on average, 25 hours of theoretical or practical training or guided learning training, in accordance with similar Postgraduate Courses of European Universities.
Full-time or part-time studies.