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Study Guide

Qualification AwardedMEDICAL INFORMATICS
Programme of StudyIPPS "Medical Informatics" (2019-today)
Collaborating SchoolsMedicine
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cycle / Level2nd / Postgraduate
Academic Year2017 - 2018
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 30 hours of workload.
PTYCHIO (Degree from a University in Greece or from a recognized foreign institution of equivalent status or from a Technological Education Institute) on Informatics, Electrical and/or Computer Engineering, Medicine, Physics, Mathematics, Biology or similar field.
To obtain their qualification from the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Study Programme (PROMESIP) "Medical Informatics" of the Schools of Medicine, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Informatics, according to the Law (Hellenic Government Gazette) 2813/16-07-2018, 1290/16-04-2019 and 3566/24-09-2019, graduate students have to successfully complete 4 semesters that correspond to 120 ECTS. The graduate students have to attend and complete successfully the exams of the courses (basic knowledge, targeted scientific knowledge, and skill development) that are distributed as follows: a) 1st semester (30 ECTS), b) 2nd semester (30 ECTS), and c) 3rd semester (30 ECTS). During the 4rth semester (30 ECTS) students have to complete their MasterThesis, which they defend in public.
The program aims to provide high quality graduate education in Medical Informatics, a modern field of medicine, which resulted from the development of IT and new technologies, as well as their application in medicine. The aim is to promote interdisciplinary approaches and specialized graduates in areas of technological applications in Medical research, which will be able to contribute to health care through research, development and service delivery. The educational content of the program is theoretical, laboratory and practical education as well as training of students through knowledge and skills transfer relating both to general research methodology in medical informatics as well as specialisation in applied medical research.
The graduates of PROMESIP program are capable of a) handling programming environments for the development of algorithms, databases and applications, b) applying data management methods and biomedical signal-image processing methods, c) handling bibliography and e-learning educational environments and developing web applications.
Upon completion of their qualification, in addition to the basic knowledge of their discipline and profession they are also able to: 1) apply knowledge in practice, 2) search, process, analyse and synthesize data and information using the necessary technologies, 3) work independently or in groups and/or interdisciplinary contexts, 4) adapt to novel situations and make decisions, 5) understand/communicate in a second foreign language, 6) generate new research ideas and scientific knowledge, 7) demonstrate responsibility, 8) view themselves as well as others critically, and 9) promote free, inductive and deductive thinking.
Professional qualification is not applicable in the public or private sector.
The qualification is a terminal award and allows access to doctoral studies.
A scale of 1 to 10 applies to the marks of each subject in the Hellenic Higher Education. The grading scheme for the qualification of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Study Program follows the following distribution : (Ministerial Decision no Φ.1231/Β1/425 art.60, Hellenic Government Gazette no 1099/2000/B):
Άριστα (Arista) Excellent: 8.50 - 10.00
Λίαν Καλώς (Lian Kalos) Very Good : 6.50 - 8.49
Καλώς (Kalos) Good : 6.00 - 6.49
Ανεπιτυχώς (Anepitychos) Fail : 0,00 - 5,99
Minimum passing grade : 6 (AUTH Rule of Procedure Α.Π.Θ., no 127/2-2-11).
A full academic year is equivalent to 60 ECTS units and each semester to 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) (1ECTS= 25-30). Compliance with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) regulations started in 2007, when the Greek Legislation was harmonized with the relevant European one (Ministerial Decision no Φ5/89656/β3, art. 1-3, Hellenic Government Gazette no 1466/2007/B). A full academic year is equivalent to 60 ECTS units and each semester to 30 ECTS.
Ioanna Chouvarda