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Study Guide

FacultyFine Arts
Qualification AwardedΠτυχίο Τμήματος Θεάτρου (Ptychio Tmimatos Theatrou)
Programme of StudyPPS Tmīmatos THeátrou (2019-sīmera)
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Academic Year2017 - 2018
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 25 hours of workload.
Πτυχίο Τμήματος Θεάτρου (Ptychio Tmimatos Theatrou)
Upper secondary degree-national level examination.
To graduate from the School of Drama, students have to attend and successfully complete 63 courses and a dissertation summing up to 300 ECTS. Studies in the School of Drama comprise 10 semesters (2 semesters per year) and the student total work load for each academic year is 60 ECTS (that is 30 ECTS for each semester). In the last semester, students are required to submit a dissertation which consists of (a) a written thesis or a theatre production or a stage design project, depending on the direction chosen by the student and (b) a 45 minute lecture on a subject of the studentchoice (20+10=30 ECTS).
During the first years of study, students have to pass a number of Core course requirements, related to the historical and theoretical study of theatre, dramaturgy and performance theory, and drama in education (27 courses or 121,5 ECTS). In addition, there is a foreign language requirement (4 courses or 12 ECTS). In the next phase, students work towards specializing in one of four majors: (a) dramaturgy and performance theory, (b) stage design, (c) acting, (d) general theatre studies, as well as a minor: directing. . All majors require the successful completion of 27 Elective courses (136,5 ECTS) and of 5 Free Elective courses (15 ECTS).(The directing program requires the successful completion of 4 elective courses).
The programme of studies at the School of Drama seeks to bridge the gap between theory, scholarship and practice, placing equal emphasis on theatre theory and history and on stage training in order to provide students with background education as well as professional skills.
Complulsory classes (Υ)
Theatre studies: 21 courses x 4,5 = 94,5 ECTS
Theatre in education: 6 courses x 4,5 = 27 ECTS
Foreign language (ΞΓ) 4 courses x 3= 12 ECTS
Elective courses (Ε)
Major 22 courses x 4,5 = 99 ECTS
Supplement (from other directions): 5 courses x 4,5=22.5 ECTS
Free Choice Classes (ΕΕ)
Free Choice: 5 courses x 3 = 15 ECTS
Total 63 courses =270 ECTS
Dissertation: 30 ECTS
Grand Total 300 ECTS
Νot applicable.
The qualification is a terminal award and allows access to postgraduate studies.
A scale of 1 to 10 applies to the marks of each subject in the Hellenic Higher Education.
Άριστα (Arista) Excellent from 8.50 to 10.00
Λίαν Καλώς (Lian Kalos) Very Good from 6.50 to 8.49
Καλώς (Kalos) Good from 5.00 to 6.49
Ανεπιτυχώς (Anepitychos) Fail from 0.00 to 4.99
Minimum passing grade is 5.
A full academic year is equivalent to 60 ECTS units and each semester to 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) (1 ECTS=25-30 hours). Compliance with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) regulations started in 2007, when the Greek Legislation was harmonized with the relevant European one (Ministerial Decision no Φ5/89656/β3, art. 1-3, Hellenic Government Gazette no 1466/2007/B). Each course is credited with a number of ECTS(>=2) according to the studentworkload (contact hours, laboratory work, examination etc) and accumulation of credits (ECTS) is accomplished after successful completion of course.
Full time.
Damianos Konstantinidis