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Study Guide

SchoolChemical Engineering
Qualification AwardedΔίπλωμα Χημικού Μηχανικού (Diploma Chimikou Michanikou) Diploma in Chemical Engineering
Programme of StudyPPS Tmīmatos CΗīmikṓn Mīchanikṓn (2021-sīmera)
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Academic Year2021 - 2022
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to hours of workload.

Courses of the 1st semester

1st semester
5 classes
AX1Inorganic Chemistry4COR
FY1Physics I6COR
HY2Introduction to Computing4COR
MA1Mathematics I6COR
XM1Introduction to Chemical Engineering5COR

Courses of the 2nd semester

2nd semester
6 classes
AN2Analytical Chemistry4COR
FX2Physical Chemistry I5COR
FY2Physics II6COR
MA2Mathematics II5COR
ME2Mass and Energy Balances5COR
TS1Technical Drawing4COR

Courses of the 3rd semester

3rd semester
5 classes
ETH3Applied Thermodynamics I5COR
FX3Physical Chemistry II4COR
MA3Mathematics IΙΙ5COR
OX3Organic Chemistry I4COR

Courses of the 4th semester

4th semester
5 classes
DE4Techniques for Production Scheduling5COR
ETH4Applied Thermodynamics II5COR
FM4Transport Phenomena I6COR
HY4Numerical Methods for Engineers5COR
OX4Organic Chemistry II5COR

Courses of the 5th semester

5th semester
5 classes
EP5Polymer Science and Engineering5COR
EY5Materials Science and Technology I6COR
FD5Unit Operations I5COR
FM5Transport Phenomena II6COR

Courses of the 6th semester

6th semester
4 classes
DD6Dynamic Process Simulation6COR
FD6Unit Operations II6COR
TY6Materials Science and Technology II6COR
XA6Chemical Reactor Design I5COR

Courses of the 7th semester

7th semester
5 classes
BT7Food Engineering5COR
EP7Primary Energy Sources5COR
RS7Process Control5COR
XA7Chemical Reactor Design IΙ6COR
XM7Chemical Engineering Laboratory I4COR

Courses of the 8th semester

8th semester
4 classes
DA8Environmental Engineering5COR
MM8Mass Transfer Phenomena5COR
XE8Chemical Plant Design and Economics6COR
XM8Chemical Engineering Laboratory II4COR

Courses of the 9th semester

9th semester
1 class
TM9Chemical Product and Plant Design Project I8COR

Courses of the 10th semester

10th semester
1 class
TM10Chemical Product and Plant Design Project IΙ2COR

Courses of the Winter semester

Winter semester
19 classes
EA006German Terminology5ELC
EA008Greek Language I (for foreigners)5ELC
EA024Nuclear Technology5ELC
EA112Modern Methods of Instrumental Analysis5ELC
KE054Renewable Energy Sources5ELC
KM094Advanced Methods for Process Design, Synthesis and Optimization5ELC
KM104Hygiene and Safety in Industry5ELC
KM107Special Topics in Thermodynamics5ELC
KM109Introduction to Micro-Equipment Design5ELC
KP073Air Pollution Control Engineering5ELC
KP074Water Quality and Treatment5ELC
KP078Water Resource and Wastewater Management5ELC
KPA1Practical Training5PRT
KT069Pharmaceutical Technology5ELC
KT071Metabolic Engineering5ELC
KT075Biology for Engineers5ELC
KY031Methods for the Characterization of Materials5ELC
KY040Design of Advanced Materials and Devices5ELC
ΔΕΧDEX Diploma Thesis30DIS

Courses of the Spring semester

Spring semester
31 classes
EA005English Terminology5ELC
EA006German Terminology5ELC
EA009Greek Language II (for foreigners)5ELC
EA018Introduction to Greek Law5ELC
EA022Applied Optics5ELC
EA025Quantum Physics5ELC
EA081Programming Languages5ELC
EA114Industrial Inorganic Chemistry5ELC
EA115Heterocycles and Applications5ELC
EK0100Innovation and Entrepreneurship5ELC
KE052Chemical Processes for the Production of Low Carbon Footprint Fuels5ELC
KE056Energy / Environmental Systems Analysis Methods5ELC
KE105Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning5ELC
KM1103D Computer Aided Design and Optimization5ELC
KM111Introduction to Computational Analysis in the Chemical Engineering by the Finite Element Method5ELC
KM112Transfer of R&D Results from Laboratory to Industrial Production5ELC
KP071Environmental Chemistry5ELC
KP079Solid Waste and Fuel Management5ELC
KPA1Practical Training5PRT
KT061Biorganic Chemistry and New Products5ELC
KT063Food Chemistry5ELC
KT065Natural Products Chemistry and Technology5ELC
KT070Biomedical Engineering-Regenerative Medicine-Tissue Engineering5ELC
KT072Qualit Assurance and Functional Foods5ELC
KT074Genetic Engineering5ELC
KY035Industrial Ceramics5ELC
KY041Nanoparticle and Aerosol Technology5ELC
KY042Nanotechnology and Soft Matter5ELC
ΔΕΧDEX Diploma Thesis30DIS