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Study Guide

FacultySocial and Economic Sciences
SchoolPolitical Sciences
Qualification Awarded
Programme of StudyPPS Tmīma Politikṓn Epistīmṓn 2023-sīmera
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Academic Year2023 - 2024
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 27.5 hours of workload.

Courses of the 1st semester

1st semester
6 classes
ΚΥ0101Introduction to Political Science 5COR
ΚΥ0102Political Philosophy in Ancient Greece5COR
ΚΥ0103Modern Greek Political History ( 1821 - 1909 )5COR
ΚΥ0104Contemporary Political Philosophy 5COR
ΚΥ0105International Relations5COR
ΚΥ0206Mathematics in Political Science: An Introduction5COR

Courses of the 2nd semester

2nd semester
6 classes
ΚΥ0106Contemporary European History5COR
ΚΥ0203Contemporary Greek Political History ( 1910 - 1974 )5COR
ΚΥ0204Political Philosophy; 19th century5COR
ΚΥ0208Political Behaviour5COR
ΚΥ0401The Greek System of Governance5COR
ΚΥ0404Political Economy5COR

Courses of the 3rd semester

3rd semester
6 classes
ΚΥ0201Comparative Politics and Political Systems5COR
ΚΥ0301Political Sociology5COR
ΚΥ0302Contemporary Political Philosophy 5COR
ΚΥ0304Political System and Party Formations in Contemporary Greece ( 1946 - 1974 )5COR
ΚΥ0305Social Statistics5COR
ΚΥ0402Classic Social Theory5COR

Courses of the 4th semester

4th semester
9 classes
ΚΥ0201Comparative Politics and Political Systems (repeating)5COR
ΚΥ0301Political Sociology (repeating)5COR
ΚΥ0302Contemporary Political Philosophy (repeating)5COR
ΚΥ0303Enlightenment and Formation of Political Ideologies in Greece5COR
ΚΥ0403History and Institutions of European Integration5COR
ΚΥ0405Méthodoi Análysīs stis Koinōnikés Epistīmes5COR
ΚΥ0502The State, Institutions and Public Policies5COR
ΚΥ0602Contemporary Political Theories 5COR
ΚΥ0701Contemporary Social Theory5COR

Courses of the Winter semester

Winter semester
32 classes
ER000Greece Today4EX
ESC101Constitutional Law of the EU10EX
ESC102History and Institutions of European Integration10EX
ΚΕ0Ε01State and Society in Modern Greece5ELCOM
ΚΕ0Ε19Politics and Religions5ELCOM
ΚΕ0Ε22Solidarity and cohesion in the European Union4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε28China: Society Politics and International Role 4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε33Models of Electoral Behaviour Analysis4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε42Contemporary Democracy Issues4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε45Populism and Democracy4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε54The Notion of "National Mindness". History, Ideology and Political Practice4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ03The Mass Media in Contemporary Greece4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ11Issues of Applied Political Analysis5ELCOM
ΚΕ0Χ31Contemporary Issues of International Politics5ELCOM
ΚΕ0Χ32Antisemitism and the Holocaust in modern times5ELCOM
ΚΕ0Χ33Special Issues in Comparative Politics. The Political Systems of the United States and Russia4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ39Greek Politics4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ46Civic Education4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ48Energy Resources and Politics: 19th to 21st century4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ49Educational practices and policy4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ56Ancient Greek Political Societies4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ60Literature and Politics4ELC
ΚΕΣ001Vocational Training4ELC
ΚΕΧΕ000Βachelor Τhesis8ELC
ΚΥ0000Introduction to Academic Research in Political Sciences5COR
ΚΥ0501The Political System of the European Union5ELCOM
ΚΥ0503Greek Foreign Policy (after the Second World War)5ELCOM
ΚΥ0504Political Discourse Analysis5ELCOM
ΚΥ0604Anti-Parliamentarianism, Dictatorships and the Far Right5ELCOM
ΚΥ0606Theories of Social Contract5ELCOM
ΚΥ0702Social and Electoral Geography of Greece5ELCOM
ΚΥ0706War and Politics5ELCOM

Courses of the Spring semester

Spring semester
48 classes
ER000Greece Today4EX
ESC201EU Area of Freedom, Security and Justice10EX
ESC202EU Governance and Policies10EX
ESCO205Fundamental Rights in Europe10EX
ESCO206EU-Africa Relations10EX
ΔΙΕ24Economic and Development Planning10EX
ΚΕ0Ε02The Cyprus Question4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε04Political Systems in the Balkans4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε20Philosophies of Freedom4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε21Gender and Politics5ELCOM
ΚΕ0Ε25Introduction to Political Communication4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε30Spatial Analysis of Elections4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε31Policies of the European Union5ELCOM
ΚΕ0Ε38Reconstruction of Europe after WWII 4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε40Game Theory and Strategy Formation4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε43Voting Advice Applications4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε50Russian Revolution and Soviet Power4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε51Youth Political Action and School4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε52International Organizations4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε56Politics and Government in Southern Europe. A Comparative Analysis4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε58Latin America. Politics, society and international relations4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε59Topics in Social Philosophy4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε62Economy, Society and Politics in the post Cold-War world4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε64Electoral Systems: Theory and procedures4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε67Introduction to political marketing4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε68Military Occupations4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε69Europe and Political Competition5ELCOM
ΚΕ0Ε70Religion and Politics4ELC
ΚΕ0Ε71Digital governance4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ30The Greek State: Administrative Structure4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ34Political Web Surveys5ELCOM
ΚΕ0Χ40Refugees and Immigrants in Contemporary World5ELCOM
ΚΕ0Χ46Civic Education4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ47 The Middle East Today4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ53Qualitative Research Methods in the Digital Age4ELC
ΚΕ0Χ59Protest event analysis4ELC
ΚΕΣ001Vocational Training4ELC
ΚΕΧΕ000Βachelor Τhesis8ELC
ΚΥ0000Introduction to Academic Research in Political Sciences5COR
ΚΥ0205Constitutional and administrative foundations of the State5ELCOM
ΚΥ0607Politics and Minorities in the Balkans5ELCOM
ΚΥ0705International Political Economy and Development5ELCOM
ΚΥ0802Ethics and Politics5ELCOM
ΚΥ0804Civil Wars in the Modern World5ELCOM
ΚΥ0805Greek Political Parties since 19745ELCOM
ΚΥ0806Collective action and social movements5ELCOM
ΠΑΥ22Electoral Sociology10EX
ΠΘ202Ideology Critique and Political Discourse Analysis10EX