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Guide de l’étudiant

Qualification AwardedPh.D
Programme d' ÉtudesPDS Tmīmatos Dasologías kai Fysikoý Perivállontos
Cycle / Niveau
Année Académique2019 - 2020
Contact emailinfo@for.auth.gr
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to hours of workload.

Cours du 1er semestre

1er semestre
29 classes
018ΥForest Botany II (Trees-Shrubs)5Y
019ΥForest Botany I (Spermophytes Systematics)5Y
026ΥForest Plant Sociology2Y
036ΥGenetic Improvement of Forest Species5Y
038ΥApplied Silviculture5Y
039ΥGeneral Silviculture (Forest Ecology)5Y
045ΥForest Genetics5Y
056ΥForest Management II5Y
058ΥMountain Hydronomics ΙI (Torrent Management and Control ΙΙ)5Y
061ΥForest Economics I1EIE
081ΥForest Recreation5Y
204ΕForage Plants3Y
210ΕRangeland Management Systems3Y
217ΕRange Landscape Ecology 3Y
218ΕRangeland Protection and Landscaping3Y
220ΕImprovement of Rangeland Infrastructure3Y
307ΕApplied Hydraulics and Hydraulic Works (Hydronomics)3Y
408ΕRegional Development3Y
415ΕComputer Networks in Forestry3Y
420ΕEnvironmental Education3Y
506ΕForest Land Mapping3Y
509ΕSoil Classification and Forest Soil Mapping 3Y
515ΕAromatic, Pharmaceutical and bee-foraging plants0Y
601ΕHistory of Forest Vegetation3Y
Μ13-ΑΔSystematics, organising floristic diversity, endemic, rare and threatened species5Y
Μ15-ΑΔEcology, Climate Change and Forest Ecosystems5Y
Μ31-ΑΔRemote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems5Y

Cours du 2e semestre

2e semestre
1 class
Μ18-ΑΔPopulation dynamics of Rangeland Ecosystem-Analysis of Rangeland Landscape5Y

Cours du Semestre d'automne

Semestre d'automne
1 class
03ERTraineeshipGeoinformation Systems and Landscape Architecture0PRK

Cours du Semestre de printemps

Semestre de printemps
1 class
03ERTraineeshipGeoinformation Systems and Landscape Architecture0PRK