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Guide de l’étudiant

Qualification AwardedΠΤΥΧΙΟ ΘΕΟΛΟΓΙΑΣ - Εισαγωγική Κατεύθυνση Μουσουλμανικών Σπουδών (Ptychio Theologias - Islamic Studies) (Degree in Theology - Islamic Studies)
Programme d' ÉtudesPPS Tm. THeologías - Eisagōgikī Kateýthynsī Mousoulmanikṓn Spoudṓn (EKMS 2016-sīmera)
Cycle / Niveau1er cycle / Licence
Année Académique2018 - 2019
Contact emailinfo-islam-studies@theo.auth.gr
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 25 hours of workload.

Cours du 1er semestre

1er semestre
6 classes
Υ101Islamic History and Theology I (Early and the Middle Ages )5Y
Υ102Qur’an and Commentaries (Classical Tafsir Formation)5Y
Υ103Introduction to the Abrahamic Religions5Y
Υ104Religions and Societies in the Middle East5Y
Υ105Arabic I A14Y
Υ107English I C12Y

Cours du 2e semestre

2e semestre
6 classes
Υ201Islamic History and Theology II (Modern)5Y
Υ202Qur’an and Commentaries II (Classical Tafsir)5Y
Υ203Muslim Tradition I (Sunna)5Y
Υ204Islam in the Balkans and Greece5Y
Υ205Arabic II A14Y
Υ207English II C12Y

Cours du 3e semestre

3e semestre
6 classes
Υ301Islamic History and Theology III (Contemporary)5Y
Υ302Qur’an and Commentaries III (Contemporary Tafsir)5Y
Υ303Μuslim Tradition II (Sunna)5Y
Υ304The Transmition of the Greek Letters to the Arab-islamic Philosophy5Y
Υ305Arabic III A24Y
Υ307English III C22Y

Cours du 4e semestre

4e semestre
6 classes
Υ401Qur’an and Commentaries IV (Contemporary Tafsir)5Y
Υ402Muslim Tradition III (Sunna)5Y
Υ403Sacred Space, Art and Architecture 5Y
Υ404Theory and Method of the Scientific Study of Religion5Y
Υ405Arabic IV A24Y
Υ407English IV C22Y

Cours du 5e semestre

5e semestre
5 classes
Υ501Qur’an and Commentaries V5Y
Υ502Introduction to Pedagogics4Y
Υ503Holy Texts and Translation Issues4Y
Υ504Introduction to the Orthodox Theology4Y
Υ505World Religions4Y

Cours du 6e semestre

6e semestre
4 classes
Υ602Islamic Mysticism and Political Islam5Y
Υ603Religious Freedom in Greece and Europe5Y
Υ604History and Methodology of the Islamic Law 6Y
Υ605Didactics and Technologies5Y

Cours du 7e semestre

7e semestre
1 class
Υ705Islam and Education 5Y
Me paidagōgikī epárkeia
7e semestre
1 class
ΠΕ003Instructional Design3YK

Cours du Semestre d'automne

Semestre d'automne
23 classes
104Introduction to the Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew Language 5EEAT
303Introduction to the Patristic Literature and Hagiology 5E
306Sociology and Sociology of Education5YE
1069ΧChristian Monumental topography of Thessaloniki (4th - 14th century)3E
2065The care of Ecumenical Patriarchate for the school education (15ht - 19th century)3E
2127Ecumenical Portraits of the 20th century3E
2140Society, Religion and Law3E
2160Theology and cinema. A love as mighty as death. The sacredness and eroticism with a particular emphasis on the Orthodox tradition3E
2199The Interpretation of the New Testament in the 21st century3E
2200Modern Science and Orthodox Theology3E
2201Christian Gnosticism and the Epistles of the New Testament3E
2206Introduction to the Christian Art of Occident: 14th – 16th century3E
2211Religion and Politics in the Balkans of the 20th Century: the Relations between the Church and the Politics from the Establishment of Yugoslavia (19183E
7777Modern Hebrew (A1).13E
7779Modern Hebrew (A2)3E
ΕΠ004Early and Medieval revivalist movements in Islam4YE
ΕΠ008Persian I A24YE
ΕΠ010Persian ΙΙΙ Β14YE
ΕΠ012Arabic V Β14YE
ΕΠ014Arabic VΙΙ Β24YE
ΕΠ016Greek I C12YE
ΕΠ018Greek III C22YE
Me paidagōgikī epárkeia
Semestre d'automne
1 class
2096Pedagogical Psychology3YK

Cours du Semestre de printemps

Semestre de printemps
20 classes
203Byzantine Archaeology 5E
1833The formative period of Islam3E
2050The conversion to Christianity during the first centuries: From St. Paul to St. Augustine3E
2114Iconoclasm: History - Art3E
2169Biblical Hebrew language and culture3E
2172The mission of the Orthodox Church in the Contemporary World3E
2196Pastoral Theology and Scientific Ethics3E
7778Modern Hebrew (A1).23E
7780Modern Hebrew (A2.2)3E
ΕΠ001Ιslam in Byzantine and Post Byzantine Literature4YE
ΕΠ002Jesus and Virgin Mary in Islam and Christianity4YE
ΕΠ003The Bosnian Islam. History and Evolution4YE
ΕΠ005Gender, Religion and Politics4YE
ΕΠ006Relations between Christians and Muslims in the Ottoman Empire4YE
ΕΠ009Persian ΙΙ Α24YE
ΕΠ011Persian ΙV Β24YE
ΕΠ013Arabic VΙ Β14YE
ΕΠ015Arabic VΙΙΙ Β24YE
ΕΠ017Greek II C12YE
ΕΠ019Greek IV C22YE
Me paidagōgikī epárkeia
Semestre de printemps
1 class
2096Pedagogical Psychology3YK