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Guide de l’étudiant

Qualification AwardedMEDICAL INFORMATICS
Programme d' ÉtudesDtPMS Iatrikī Plīroforikī (2019-sīmera)
Collaborating Schools

Cycle / Niveau2e cycle / Master
Année Académique2017 - 2018
Contact emailpromesip@med.auth.gr
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 30 hours of workload.

Cours du 1er semestre

1er semestre
2 classes
ΙΠΑ001Functional systems anatomy and morphology7.5Y
ΙΠΑ002Systems Physiology7.5Y

Cours du 2e semestre

2e semestre
4 classes
ΙΠΒ001Bio-data and applications - Bioinformatics7.5Y
ΙΠΒ002Networks and Internets7.5Y
ΙΠΒ003Biomedical image processing7.5Y
ΙΠΒ004Biomedical signal processing7.5Y

Cours du 3e semestre

3e semestre
4 classes
ΙΠΓ002Modern and integrated techniques for medical information management, interfaces, interaction and medical decision support systems8Y
ΙΠΓ004Technology and standards of medical devices and data8Y
ΙΠΓ005Biological systems simulation6Y
ΙΠΓ006Health Care databases and e-Health information8Y