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Study Guide

Programma di StudioPPS Tmīmatos Ktīniatrikīs (2020-2021)
Ciclo / Livello di Studi1. Corso di Laurea
Anno Accademico2018 - 2019
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ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to hours of workload.

Courses of the 1st semester

1st semester
8 classes
1.1Chemistry- Biochemistry6O
1.2Animal and Plant Biology2O
1.3General Histology-Embryology4PP
1.4Anatomy-Histology I 6PP
1.5Physiology I4PP
1.6Molecular Biology-Genetics3O
1.8Seminar on informatics and electronic resources0PR

Courses of the 2nd semester

2nd semester
6 classes
2.1Anatomy-Histology II4PP
2.2.0Physiology II7PP
2.3General Animal Husbandry3O
2.4Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition 6O
2.5Deontology, Ethology and Animal Welfare3O
2.6Economics of Animal Production 4O

Courses of the 3rd semester

3rd semester
5 classes
3.1Anatomy-Histology III7.5PP
3.2.0Physiology III5PP
3.3General Bacteriology, Mycology, Virology, Immunology7O
3.4Animal Husbandry I6O
3.5Animal Feeds-rations, Agronomy4.5O

Courses of the 4th semester

4th semester
7 classes
4.1Pharmacology I6O
4.2Specific Bacteriology, Mycology,Virology and Infectious Diseases.7O
4.3Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases I4.5O
4.4Animal Husbandry II8.5O
4.5Extramural education (practical training)2PRK
4.6Topographical and clinical Anatomy2FsL
4.7Gender equality: social approach through biological sciences2FsL

Courses of the 5th semester

5th semester
9 classes
5.1General Pathology5O
5.2Propedeutics of Veterinary Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics7O
5.3Obstetrics and Neonatology4O
5.4Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases II4.5O
5.5Ecology and Environmental Protection3O
5.6Farming and Pathology of Aquatic Organisms4O
5.8Turkey, Quail, Duck and Goose Production2FsL
5.9Molecular Biology Techniques and their Applications in Veterinary Medicine2FsL

Courses of the 6th semester

6th semester
16 classes
6.1Special Pathology I2O
6.2Companion Animal Medicine I4O
6.3Companion Animal Surgery I2O
6.4Diagnostic Imaging I 2O
6.5Farm Animal Medicine I5O
6.6 Foods Animal technology4O
6.7Apiculture and Bee Diseases2O
6.8Pharmacology II3O
6.9Extra-Mural Training2PRK
6.10Parasites and Parasitic Diseases of Wildlife2FsL
6.11Aquatic Environment-Interactions Between Environment and Aquaculture2FsL
6.12Molecular Virology- Application of Biothechnology in the Diagnosis of Virus Diseases and Vaccine Production. 2FsL
6.13Alternative Methods of Parasite Control2FsL
6.14Comparative Physiology of Laboratory Animals 2FsL
6.15Pathology of farmed Aquatic Organisms2FsL
6.16Infectious Diseases of Major Importance for Greece2FsL

Courses of the 7th semester

7th semester
14 classes
7.1Special Pathology II2O
7.2Companion Animal Medicine II3O
7.3Companion Animal Surgery II2O
7.4Diagnostic Imaging II2O
7.5Farm Animal Medicine II5O
7.6 Avian Medicine4O
7.7Hygiene and Technology of Milk and Dairy Products2O
7.8Practical Training in Necropsy Room2O
7.9Clinical Training in Companion Animals2O
7.10Clinical Training in Farm Animals2O
7.11Training in Hygiene and Technology of Milk and Daiy Products2O
7.12Comparative Pathology of Neoplasia2FsL
7.13Parasites and Public health2FsL
8.14Introduction in Laboratory Animal Science2FsL

Courses of the 8th semester

8th semester
14 classes
8.1Hygiene of mammalian meat and Products2O
8.2Food Microbiology2O
8.3Special Pathology III2O
8.4Companion Animal Medicine III3O
8.5Companion Animal Surgery III2O
8.6Equine Medicine and Surgery 2O
8.7Farm Animal Surgery 2O
8.8Animal Reproduction I3O
8.9Trainingin Post Mortem examinations2O
8.10Clinical Training in Companion Animals 2O
8.11Clinical Training in Farm Animals2O
8.12Training in Food Hygiene2O
8.13Extra-Mural training2PRK
8.15Dairy Herd Management2FsL

Courses of the 9th semester

9th semester
17 classes
9.1Hygiene of Poultry and game Meat & Fish. Hygiene of Eggs and Honey2O
9.2 Quality Assurance and food safety systems2O
9.3Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine2O
9.4Entrepreneurship and Management of Veterinary and animal enterprises2O
9.5Reproduction II4O
9.6Diseases of Exotic Animals2O
9.7Clinical Pharmacology2O
9.8Training in Post Mortem examination2O
9.9Clinical Training in Companion Animals2O
9.10Clinical Taining in Farm Animals2O
9.11Training on food animal hygiene and technology2O
9.13Rescue and rehabilation of wild animals 2FsL
9.14Anesthesia and Intensive Care I2FsL
9.15Dentistry and maxillofacial surgery of companion animals2FsL
9.16Companion animal medicine I2FsL

Courses of the 10th semester

10th semester
9 classes
10.1Practical Training in Necropsy Room. Veterinary Forensic Medicine and Certification5O
10.2Clinical Training in Companion Animals8O
10.3Clinical Training in Farm Animals8O
10.4Practical Training on Hygiene and Technology of Foods of Animal Origin 5O
10.6 Companion animal medicine II2FsL
10.7Dentistry and maxillofacial surgery of companion animals2FsL
10.8Anesthesia and Intensive Care II2FsL
10.10Avian Medicine2FsL