Approaches to the 19th century opera genres. Historiography, music dramaturgy and source readings

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TitoloΕιδολογικές προσεγγίσεις της όπερας του 19ου αιώνα. Ιστοριογραφία, μουσική δραματουργία και μελέτη των πηγών (Σεμινάριο) / Approaches to the 19th century opera genres. Historiography, music dramaturgy and source readings
Ciclo / Livello di Studi1. Corso di Laurea
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Programma di Studio: PPS Tmīmatos Mousikṓn Spoudṓn (2017-sīmera)

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MOUSIKOLOGIA/ MOUSIKOPAIDAGŌGIKĪFacoltativo a scelta libera536
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Anno Accademico2018 – 2019
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Course Type 2016-2020
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  • ΙΠ1002 History of music (17th-19th century)
  • ΙΠ1004 Introduction to music studies
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  • Applicazione pratica delle conoscenze acquisite
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  • Rispetto verso la diversita’ e la multiculturalita’
  • Promuovere il pensiero indipendente, creativo e intuitivo
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Esercitazioni di Laboratorio130.4
Studio e analisi bibliografica301
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Elaborazione tesina/tesine451.5
Student Assessment
Student Assessment methods
  • Prova scritta con soluzione di problemi (Formativa, Sommativa)
Course Bibliography (Eudoxus)
1. Εύη Νίκα-Σαμψών (επιμ.) Ειδολογικές προσεγγίσεις της όπερας του 19ου αιώνα, Συλλογικός τόμος, Θεσσαλονίκη 2016, ISBN:978-960-93-8556-5. 2.Howard Mayer Brown, et al. «Opera (i)», Grove Music Online. Oxford Music Online, 7 Feb. 2009 . 3.Εύη Νίκα-Σαμψών, κεφάλαιο «Όπερα» στο συλλογικό τόμο με τίτλο Μουσική, έκδ. Εκδοτική Αθηνών, Αθήνα 2007, σ. 107-153. 4. Σειρά Cambridge Opera Handbooks. Cambridge Opera Handbooks. This is a series of studies of individual operas, written for the serious opera-goer or record-collector as well as the student or scholar. Each volume presents a history of the work and a detailed musical analysis. Some conflict of interpretation is an inevitable part of this account, and the editors of the handbooks reflect this by citing classic statements, by commissioning new essays, and by taking up their own critical position. A final section gives a select bibliography, a discography and guides to other sources. 5. ΚΑΡΛ ΝΤΑΛΧΑΟΥΣ ΑΙΣΘΗΤΙΚΗ ΤΗΣ ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗΣ, Εκδοτικός Οίκος: ΣΤΑΧΥ, Έτος έκδοσης: 2000, ISBN: 9608032450
Additional bibliography for study
C. Dahlhaus: Die Musik des 19. Jahrhunderts (Wiesbaden, 1980, 2/1988; Eng. trans., 1989) R. Taruskin: Opera and Drama in Russia as Preached and Practiced in the 1860s (Ann Arbor, 1981) Music in Paris in the Eighteen-Thirties: Northampton, MA, 1982 H. Lindenberger: Opera: the Extravagant Art (Ithaca, NY, 1984) - J. Rosselli: The Opera Industry in Italy from Cimarosa to Verdi: the Role of the Impresario (Cambridge, 1984; It. trans., 1985, enlarged, as L'impresario d'opera: arte e affari nel teatro musicale italiano dell'Ottocento) - P. Robinson: Opera and Ideas: from Mozart to Strauss (New York, 1985) - L. Bianconi, ed.: La drammaturgia musicale (Bologna, 1986) - J. Samson, ed.: Man and Music: the Late Romantic Era (London, 1991) - L. Goehr: The Imaginary Museum of Musical Works: an Essay in the Philosophy of Music (Oxford, 1992) - Bent, ed.: Music Analysis in the Nineteenth Century (Cambridge, 1993) - R. Wagner: Oper und Drama (Leipzig, 1852) - Bowie: Schelling and Modern European Philosophy (London, 1993) - J. Daverio: Nineteenth-Century Music and the German Romantic Ideology (New York, 1993) - Bent, ed.: Music Theory in the Age of Romanticism (Cambridge, 1996)
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