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Qualification AwardedΠΤΥΧΙΟ ΘΕΟΛΟΓΙΑΣ (Ptychio Theologias)(Degree in Theology)
StudienplanAnamorfōméno PPS Tmīmatos THeologías (2020)
Cycle / Level1. Grund- und Hauptstudiengang
Akademisches Jahr2018 - 2019
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 25 hours of workload.

Lehrveranstaltungen des 1. Semesters

1. Semester
9 Veranstaltungen
101Ancient Greek 6Y
104Introduction to the Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew Language 5Y
106Introduction to the Study and the Methodology of Theology4Y
107New Testament I: Introduction, History and Culture of the New Testament period6Y
ΑΓ1Εnglish for Theological studies Ι3XG
ΓΑ1French Language (1st semester)3XG
ΓΕ1German Language (1st semester)3XG
ΕΛ1Modern Greek Language 1st semester3XG

Lehrveranstaltungen des 2. Semesters

2. Semester
8 Veranstaltungen
202History and Literature of the Greek Orthodox Church5Y
203Byzantine Archaeology 4Y
205History of Philosophy4Y
208Theory and methodology in the study of religion(s) of the ancient and current world5Y
ΑΓ2English for Theological studies ΙΙ3XG
ΓΑ2French Language (2nd semester)3XG
ΓΕ2German Language (2nd semester)3XG
ΕΛ2Modern Greek Language 2nd semester3XG

Lehrveranstaltungen des 3. Semesters

3. Semester
3 Veranstaltungen
302History of Slavic Orthodox Churches 5Y
303Introduction to the Patristic Literature and Hagiology 5Y
306Sociology and Sociology of Education6Y

Lehrveranstaltungen des 4. Semesters

4. Semester
6 Veranstaltungen
201Interpretation of the historical books of the old Testament from the Septuagint Text4Y
301Interpretation of Interpretation of the Poetical and Prophetical Books of the Old Testament from the Septuagint Text4Y
402Ecclesiastical Literature with Emphasis to the Latin Fathers6Y
403Church Literature and Fathers Interpretation5Y
405Sociology of Religion3Y
406New Testament II: Interpretation of the Gospels 5Y

Lehrveranstaltungen des 5. Semesters

5. Semester
4 Veranstaltungen
503Liturgical Theology 6Y
504 Pastoral Theology 5Y
506New Testament III: Interpretation of the New Testament Epistles5Y
601World Religions5Y

Lehrveranstaltungen des 6. Semesters

6. Semester
5 Veranstaltungen
602Ecclesiastical Literature of the Slavs5Y
604Sociology of Christianity4Y
605Interreligious Dialogue3Y
606The Ecumenical Movement5Y

Lehrveranstaltungen des 7. Semesters

7. Semester
6 Veranstaltungen
507Dogmatics I.: History of Orthodox Theology and Spirituality and Symbolic Theology5Y
704Catechism and Christian Education 6Y
705 Introduction to Ethics4Y
706Old Testament Theology4Y
707Dogmatics II. Exposition of orthodox faith and introduction to the theological gnosiology 5Y
2099Teacher Training in Religious Education Instruction 6YE

Lehrveranstaltungen des 8. Semesters

8. Semester
4 Veranstaltungen
802Canon and Ecclesiastical Law6Y
806New Testament IV: New Testament Theology5Y
807Social Theory of modern culture5Y
9999Practical Training / Intership6YE

Lehrveranstaltungen des Wintersemesters

18 Veranstaltungen
1069ΧChristian Monumental topography of Thessaloniki (4th - 14th century)3E
1111The theology of saint Cyprian of Carthage3E
1187Sources and institutions of Canon and Ecclesiastical law3E
1504Russian spirituality3E
2032Digital Preservation of Culture Heritage - Webpages Construction3E
2042Worship and Ecology3E
2140Society, Religion and Law3E
2143Simeon the New Theologian: Anthropology and Soteriology1E
2160Theology and cinema. A love as mighty as death. The sacredness and eroticism with a particular emphasis on the Orthodox tradition3E
2174Contemporary Bioethical views and Christian anthropology3E
2199The Interpretation of the New Testament in the 21st century3E
2200Modern Science and Orthodox Theology3E
2201Christian Gnosticism and the Epistles of the New Testament3E
2205Saint Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessaloniki and his Homilies « In favor of the Holy Hesychasts »3E
2209The theology of saint Ambrose of Milan3E
2211Religion and Politics in the Balkans of the 20th Century: the Relations between the Church and the Politics from the Establishment of Yugoslavia (19183E
7777Modern Hebrew (A1).13E
7779Modern Hebrew (A2)3E

Lehrveranstaltungen des Spring semester

19 Veranstaltungen
1692Slavic Hagiology3E
2014Theriomorphic understanding of the evil in the New Testament 3E
2050The conversion to Christianity during the first centuries: From St. Paul to St. Augustine3E
2062Western orthodox spirituality3E
2073Marriage and Family Counseling3E
2089Unceasing Worship and the book of Psalms3E
2114Iconoclasm: History - Art3E
2129Religious Exclusivism and the Concept of Christian Monotheism3E
2132Theodicy and the problem of evil3E
2152Issues of the History of the Church in Greece during the first five decades of the 20th century3E
2161"In markets and public squares" The dialogue of Orthodoxy with the public sphere of the city, politics and culture, with a particular emphasis on fund3E
2169Biblical Hebrew language and culture3E
2171Gender, Religion and Politics3E
2178Informatics Components: Cybernetics, Robotics & Biotechnology - Graphical representation of Information3E
2188Hymn, Melody and Ikon in our Liturgical Tradition3E
2196Pastoral Theology and Scientific Ethics3E
2215ReligiReligion and Society in Second Modernity: Social inequality, climate change, Peace, Violence and Politics3E
7778Modern Hebrew (A1).23E
7780Modern Hebrew (A2.2)3E