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Social Psychology: Research Methods and Community Applications

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Candidates that are eligible to attend the Postgraduate (Masters) Programme of Specialization in " Social Psychology: Research Methods and Community Applications" are: 1) Holders of Bachelor Degrees that are awarded
from High Education Institutions of Greece. Specifically, graduates from Departments
of Psychology, Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences (with specialization in Psychology) of the University of Crete, Departments of Social and Political Science, Departments of Journalism and Mass Communication Media, 2) Holders of Bachelor Degrees from foreign Higher Education Institutions that are equivalent to Greek Institutions. These Bachelor Degrees should be related to the scientific fields described under 1. The
Postgraduate Diploma is not awarded to a postgraduate student whose first (Bachelor) degree has been obtained from a foreign institution but has not been recognized by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (NARIC) according to law 3328/2005 (A '80).

  1. Humanities
  2. Social Sciences
Social Psychology


4 semesters
Full Time
Face to face
Written Exams
Portfolio Examination