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Welcome to the website of the Quality Assurance Unit (MO.DI.P.) of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The MO.DI.P is an advisory body for the administration of the University which, through the coordination of procedures for internal and external evaluation of the academic units of the Institution, gathers valuable information regarding the strong and weak points of the university, the shortcomings and all the necessities and recommends improvements and changes in order to ensure the provision of high quality services to its students, its staff, as well as to the society.

This website is also the portal of the Quality Management System, designed to facilitate the work of the MO.DI.P. and the OM.E.A. by the computerisation of the evaluation procedures conducted in A.U.Th.

MO.DI.P.’s Logo

The seal of the University to carry Saint Demetrios, patron saint of Thessaloniki, as its emblem, was set by the Article 18 of Law 1895/1939. Following the decision of the Senate of the Aristotle University (meeting No. 2095/13-8-1975) to keep depicting St Demetrios on its seal, in 2005, after a proposal of the Public Relations Committee and the Rectors’ Council, the Senate (meeting No. 2768/23-3-2005) approved the logo and the new stamps of A.U.Th. to depict St. Demetrios in graphic mural transfer of the ledger of Chilandar Holy Monastery of Mount Athos.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, besides having a major contribution to Education, Research and culture in local, national and international level, is at the same time the first "green university" in Greece today, becoming a role model for institutions and the society as a whole. After a designing competition amongst undergraduate and graduate students, for the logo of the action OIKO-A.Π.Θ./ECO-AUTH, the first price was awarded to Ms. Maria Matsouka, student of the School of Architecture, of the Engineering Faculty.

The MO.DI.P. of Aristotle University preserving the history and tradition of A.U.Th. and in the same time seeking to show its modern side, used on its logo and website the depiction of St. Demetrios instead of “O” and the green underlining the word “MODIP” from the logo of ECO-AUTh.