Diachronic examination of archaeological monuments

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TitleΔιαχρονική εξέταση των αρχαιολογικών μνημείων / Diachronic examination of archaeological monuments
CodeΑΚΛ 707
SchoolHistory and Archaeology
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Programme of Study: PMS stīn Archaiología, Téchnī kai Politismó

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Klasikī ArchaiologíaCompulsory CourseWinter/Spring-15

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Academic Year2018 – 2019
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AKL 707 Diachronic examination of archaeological monuments Archeology as a science perceives the passage of time through the material objects created by man. In this course, the various categories of monuments are examined in their evolution from the geometric period until the end of the hellenistic times. A topic to study, for example, is the evolution of the private house from the simple building of the Geometric period to the luxurius hellenistic residences of Pella or Delos.The monuments are examined with respect to their form and function. The form is associated with the function and the related observations combined with the written sources, where they exist, can enlighten us about human creation at specific periods of antiquity. Concerning the earlier periods, differences must be investigated from region to region and among population groups, while in hellenistic times the differences are diminished and the image presented by the different regions of the Greek world is similar.
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