Special Issues of Rural Sociology

Course Information
TitleΕΙΔΙΚΑ ΜΑΘ. ΑΓΡ/ΚΗΣ ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΟΛΟΓΙΑΣ / Special Issues of Rural Sociology
FacultyAgriculture, Forestry and Natural Environment
Cycle / Level2nd / Postgraduate, 3rd / Doctorate
Teaching PeriodSpring
Course ID420000542

Class Information
Academic Year2019 – 2020
Class PeriodWinter
Faculty Instructors
Weekly Hours3
Class ID
Course Type 2016-2020
  • Scientific Area
Course Type 2011-2015
Specific Foundation / Core
Mode of Delivery
  • Face to face
The course is also offered to exchange programme students.
Language of Instruction
  • Greek (Instruction, Examination)
  • English (Examination)
  • French (Examination)
  • Italian (Examination)
General Competences
  • Apply knowledge in practice
  • Retrieve, analyse and synthesise data and information, with the use of necessary technologies
  • Make decisions
  • Work autonomously
  • Work in teams
  • Work in an interdisciplinary team
Educational Material Types
  • Notes
  • Slide presentations
  • Video lectures
Use of Information and Communication Technologies
Use of ICT
  • Use of ICT in Course Teaching
  • Use of ICT in Laboratory Teaching
  • Use of ICT in Communication with Students
Course Organization
Reading Assigment25
Field trips and participation in conferences / seminars / activities
Written assigments25
Student Assessment
Student Assessment methods
  • Written Exam with Multiple Choice Questions (Formative, Summative)
  • Written Exam with Short Answer Questions (Formative, Summative)
  • Written Exam with Extended Answer Questions (Formative, Summative)
  • Written Assignment (Formative, Summative)
  • Oral Exams (Formative, Summative)
  • Performance / Staging (Formative, Summative)
Additional bibliography for study
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