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Study Guide

Qualification AwardedΠΤΥΧΙΟ ΘΕΟΛΟΓΙΑΣ (Ptychio Theologias)(Degree in Theology)
Programme of StudyUPS School of Theology (2013-today)
Cycle / Level1st / Undergraduate
Academic Year2019 - 2020
ECTS / WorkloadOne ECTS unit corresponds to 25 hours of workload.

Courses of the 1st semester

1st semester
9 classes
101Ancient Greek 5CorC
104Introduction to the Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew Language 5CorC
106Introduction to the Study and the Methodology of Theology4CorC
107New Testament I: Introduction, History and Culture of the New Testament period6CorC
108History of the Church (1st Millennium)6CorC
ΑΓ1Εnglish for Theological studies Ι2FL
ΓΑ1French Language (1st semester)2FL
ΓΕ1German Language (1st semester)2FL
ΕΛ1Modern Greek Language 1st semester2FL

Courses of the 2nd semester

2nd semester
9 classes
202History and Literature of the Greek Orthodox Church5CorC
203Byzantine Archaeology 5CorC
205History of Philosophy5CorC
207Informatics and Theology5CorC
208Theory and methodology in the study of religion(s) of the ancient and current world5CorC
ΑΓ2English for Theological studies ΙΙ2FL
ΓΑ2French Language (2nd semester)2FL
ΓΕ2German Language (2nd semester)2FL
ΕΛ2Modern Greek Language 2nd semester2FL

Courses of the 3rd semester

3rd semester
9 classes
201Interpretation of the historical books of the old Testament from the Septuagint Text3CorC
302History of Slavic Orthodox Churches 5CorC
303Introduction to the Patristic Literature and Hagiology 5CorC
305Church History: From the Schism of 1054 until today5CorC
306Sociology and Sociology of Education5CorC
ΑΓ3English for Theological studies ΙΙΙ2FL
ΓΑ3French Language (3rd semester)2FL
ΓΕ3German Language (3rd semester)2FL
ΕΛ3Modern Greek Language 3rd semester 2FL

Courses of the 4th semester

4th semester
10 classes
301Interpretation of Interpretation of the Poetical and Prophetical Books of the Old Testament from the Septuagint Text4CorC
402Ecclesiastical Literature with Emphasis to the Latin Fathers5CorC
403Church Literature and Fathers Interpretation5CorC
404Introduction to Education Studies5CorC
405Sociology of Religion3CorC
406New Testament II: Interpretation of the Gospels 5CorC
ΑΓ4English for Theological studies IV2FL
ΓΑ4French Language (4th semester)2FL
ΓΕ4German Language (4th semester)2FL
ΕΛ4Modern Greek Language 4th semester2FL

Courses of the 5th semester

5th semester
5 classes
503Liturgical Theology 5CorC
504 Pastoral Theology 4CorC
506New Testament III: Interpretation of the New Testament Epistles5CorC
601World Religions5CorC
2095Pedagogical and Learning Theories3ELC

Courses of the 6th semester

6th semester
7 classes
602Monasticism in the Orthodox Slavic world. History and evolution.5CorC
604Sociology of Christianity5CorC
605Interreligious Dialogue3CorC
606The Ecumenical Movement5CorC
608Religion Education instruction and ICT (Information and Communication Technology6CorC
2096Pedagogical Psychology3ELC

Courses of the 7th semester

7th semester
8 classes
507Dogmatics I 5CorC
704Catechism and Christian Education 4CorC
705 Introduction to Ethics4CorC
706Old Testament Theology5CorC
707Dogmatics II. Exposition of orthodox faith and introduction to the theological gnosiology 5CorC
2097Didactics of Biblical, Patristic, Liturgical and Dogmatic Texts in Religious Education3ELC
2098Teaching Ecclesiastic History and Art, Ethics, Contemporary Religions and Inter-Christian Inter-religious Dialogues in Religious Education3ELC
2099Teacher Training in Religious Education10ELC

Courses of the 8th semester

8th semester
5 classes
802Canon and Ecclesiastical Law5CorC
804Christian Ethics 5CorC
806New Testament IV: New Testament Theology5CorC
807Social Theory of modern culture5CorC
9999Practical Training / Intership10ELC

Courses of the Winter semester

Winter semester
44 classes
1111The theology of saint Cyprian of Carthage3ELC
1187Sources and institutions of canonical and ecclesiastical law3ELC
1504Russian spirituality3ELC
1991Refugees within Metropolises of the Greek Territory3ELC
2032Digital Preservation of Culture Heritage - Webpages Construction3ELC
2034Digital World (Internet and Image Processing (Photoshop))3ELC
2042Worship and Ecology3ELC
2059Interpretation according to the Saints of the Church3ELC
2063Community management system and Orthodox folk tradition in the history of Modern Hellenism3ELC
2065The care of Ecumenical Patriarchate for the school education (15ht - 19th century)3ELC
2066Monasticism in the Orthodox Slavic world. History and evolution. 3ELC
2105Poverty and Affluence in Consumer Society3ELC
2109Theological issues from the epistles of the New Testament (The Apostles Peter and Paul in the canonical and non canonical chrisrtian texts)3ELC
2119Worship teaching in childhood and adolescence 3ELC
2124Orthodox and Protestantism (17th century)3ELC
2125Theological questioning un the Justianian period and the recent research3ELC
2127Ecumenical Portraits of the 20th century3ELC
2140Society, Religion and Law3ELC
2146Saints Cyril and Methodius and their Heritage to the Slavic World 3ELC
2160Theology and cinema. A love as mighty as death. The sacredness and eroticism with a particular emphasis on the Orthodox tradition3ELC
2164The Church in 21st century. Universal and standard approaches3ELC
2167Mont Athos: Historical elements, organization of monastic life, holy monasteries, architecture, monumental painting and artifacts.3ELC
2174Contemporary Bioethical views and Christian anthropology3ELC
2181The hymnographical texts of the Orthodox church: Linguistic and stylistic approach3ELC
2184Intercultural Religious Education. The example of Thrace3ELC
2186Theorizing “Religion” in Antiquity3ELC
2187Introduction to Liturgical arts3ELC
2199The Interpretation of the New Testament in the 21st century3ELC
2200Modern Science and Orthodox Theology3ELC
2205St. Gregory Palamas and his homilies “υπέρ των ιερώς ησυχαζόντων (for the sacredly prayers)»3ELC
2206Introduction to the Christian Art of Occident: 14th – 16th century3ELC
2209The theology of saint Ambrose of Milan3ELC
2211Religion and Politics in the Balkans of the 20th Century: the Relations between the Church and the Politics from the Establishment of Yugoslavia (19183ELC
2218Contemporary Trends in Mission3ELC
2219Ecumenical Patriarchs of the first centuries after the Capture of Constantinople3ELC
2220Education, culture and formation in patristic tradition3ELC
2222Cappadociane Fathers, st John Chrysostom and the Art of rhetoric3ELC
7777Modern Hebrew (A1).13ELC
7779Modern Hebrew (A2)3ELC
Π1000Introduction to Pedagogical Research6ELC

Courses of the Spring semester

Spring semester
34 classes
1169Prohistory of Biblical Israel3ELC
1409Greek Paleography and textual criticism3ELC
1692Slavic Hagiology3ELC
1833The formative period of Islam3ELC
2014Theriomorphic understanding of the evil in the New Testament 3ELC
2037Evangelisation and Re-evangelisation: The message of the Gospel and its recipients in today's world3ELC
2050The conversion to Christianity during the first centuries: From St. Paul to St. Augustine3ELC
2062Western orthodox spirituality3ELC
2073Marriage and Family Counseling3ELC
2084Theological fundamentalism: Introductory Survey of an unfolding phenomenon3ELC
2085"And my finger, Christ and the glans":Sacrednees and the erotic dimension of the body in the orthodox tradition.3ELC
2089Unceasing worship and the book of Psaltery3ELC
2091Religious Education in of Diversity3ELC
2129Religious Exclusivity and the meaning of Christian Monotheism3ELC
2132Theodicy and the problem of evil3ELC
2143Simeon the New Theologian: Anthropology and Soteriology3ELC
2152Issues of the History of the Church in Greece during the first five decades of the 20th century3ELC
2169Biblical Hebrew Language3ELC
2171Gender, Religion and Politics3ELC
2178Informatics Components: Cybernetics, Robotics & Biotechnology - Graphical representation of Information3ELC
2183Theological issues from the New Testament (Historical Jesus, Pauline Theology)3ELC
2188Hymn, melody and icon in our Liturgical tradition3ELC
2196Pastoral Theology and Scientific Ethics3ELC
2207Introduction to the Islamic art: 7th - 20th century 3ELC
2213History of the Holy Mountain (Mount Athos)3ELC
2214The role of the woman in the Orthodox Church3ELC
2215Religion and Society in Second Modernity: Inequality, Environment, Peace, Violence, Politics3ELC
2217Foreís, eikonografía kai teletourgikés praktikés stī latreía tīs Ísidas/Sá(e)rapi katá tī diárkeia tīs ellīnorōmaïkīs epochīs3ELC
2221Relations between Orthodox Church and Greek State3ELC
2225Biblical Archaeology3ELC
2506Comparative Law of Religions10ELC
7778Modern Hebrew (A1).23ELC
7780Modern Hebrew (A2.2)3ELC