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Courses' Evaluation Questionnaires

The filling in of the Courses’ Evaluation Questionnaires for each semester by the students may be accomplished through the QMS. After entering the system, students of Aristotle University can find on their personal webpage only the courses they can evaluate. The filling in of the questionnaires can be done through they system at the end of each semester. By their submission, the responses of students will undergo automatic data processing and the anonymous results of their analysis will be available to the instructors of the courses, also through the QMS. The Internal Evaluation Group (OM.E.A.) of each academic unit will have access to evaluation results for all subjects, as well as to consolidated results.

Note: This is applicable for the academic units that synchronize their students’ database with the central students database supported by I.T. – A.U.Th. The Faculty of Agriculture and the School of Philosophy and Pedagogy do not take part.