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Quality Assurance Unit (MODIP)

1. Each institution is responsible for ensuring and continually improving the quality of its teaching and research work, as well as for the effective operation and performance of its services in accordance with international practices, particularly those of the European Higher Education Area and the principles and guidelines the HQAA.

2. Responsible for the above purpose, in each HEI, is the Quality Assurance Unit (MO.DI.P.). The MO.DI.P. is constituted by decision of the Council of the Institution and consists of the rector or one of his deputies, as president, five professors of the university, one representative of each category of staff foreseen by the Articles 28 and 29, with voting rights when issues the relevant category of staff, a representative of the undergraduate students and a representative of the graduate students and doctoral candidates, if available, as members, as specifically defined in the Institution.

In particular the MO.DI.P. is responsible for:

a) the development of this policy, strategy and the procedures necessary necessary for the continuous improvement of the quality of the work and services of the institution, which consists the internal quality assurance system of the institution, b) the organization, operation and continuous improvement of the internal quality assurance system of the university, c) the coordination and support of the evaluation processes of the academic units and other services of the institution and d) the support of the external evaluation procedures and accreditation of the studies programmes and the internal quality assurance system of the institution, in accordance with the principles, guidelines and instruction of the HQAA.

3. The internal quality assurance system of the institution and its implementation procedures are defined by Council decision, issued after rector’s proposal and published in the Government Gazette, as well as the website of the institution. The above revised at least every six years.

4. For the purposes above, the MODIP, cooperates with the HQAA, develops informational system for the management of the evaluation data and has is responsible for the systematical monitoring and publicizing the relevant with the evaluation procedures and results at the website of the institution.

5. The institution’s Internal Regulation defines the issues concerning the organization and operation of MODIP, as well as its more specific responsibilities.

(Law 4009/2011, Article 14)

The role of the Quality Assurance Unit – MODIP of Greek HEIs (according to article 14 of statute Greek law nr 4009/2011) can be summarized in the following points:

1. Development of policies, strategies and processes to improve the Institution
2. Organization, function and improvement of the quality assurance system
3. Coordination and support of the evaluation processes of units
4. Support of the processes for external evaluation and certification of the Curricula

MODIP – AUTH wishes to continue our university’s tradition, as a pioneer and a distinguished institution among Greek and many other foreign universities, on all levels: education, research, culture and connection with society.

MODIP’s targets are:

• To improve the quality of the educational and research work.
• To improve the quality of the processes and services of AUTh – primarily towards students, but also towards the personnel, the regular faculty members, the administrative personnel, etc.
• To improve the quality of working and living conditions at AUTh.
• To present the work conducted at AUTh, to the society and political leadership, but also to the international academic community.
The Quality Management System of AUTh, (the information system of MODIP or MODIP - Project as it is frequently being called) contributes effectively towards this direction.


Synthesis of the MODIP – AUTh:

Chair: Vice Rector for Academic & Students Affairs, George Tzetzis, Professor at the School of Physical Education


Professor Antonios Goulas, School of Medicine

Professor Sofia – Eleftheria Gonida, School of Psychology

Professor Constantinos Papazachos, School of Geology

Professor Anastasios Tellios, School of Architecture

Professor Αthanasios Mavromatis, School of Agriculture

Secretary: Alexandra Tzaneraki