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Faculty Projects Database

A home page will be created, in collaboration with the Research Committee and the Central Library, which will contain all the educational, research, administrative and social work of the members of A.U.Th. and which can be used as their personal page, if they wish. This page will unify the data of the EU Researcher Profile and the publications from I.K.E.E. (Institutional Repository of Scientific Publications) of the Central Library. Thus avoid multiple registration of the same information in different systems.

The work of MODIP will contribute to the data supplementation of both the Researcher Profile and IKEE, with data missing from these while found in other databases. Especially in regard to the IKEE, all the publications of AUTh members, included in the Web of Science, will be added initially and in an automated way, through a suitable tool (InCite) funded by the Research Committee. The work of MODIP will actively contribute in the complementation of the publications of members of AUTh, which are not included in this list. Following that, the faculty members, will just have to update the list of their publications in the central database of IKEE. The list of publications of the members of each academic unit, in the last 5 years, can be exported through the system, in order to be printed or attached as an appendix to the internal evaluation report.