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External Evaluation AUTh

During 29.11-5.12.2015 took place the External Evaluation of AUTh by the Committee of External Experts, under the coordination and liability of  Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency (HQA) in accordance with the law.

Our University was awared «Worthy of merit» (the highest rank), having been awared  «Worthy of merit» on 10 sections and «Positive evaluation» on 15 sections, that is regarded as an excellent evaluation.

The External Evaluation Report and the Self-Evalutaion Report with the Appendices are available as follows:

Message from the Rectors

Extrernal Evaluation Report
Self-Evaluation Report 2010-2015
Table of Contents of Appendices
Appendix A - Files of External Evaluation Report
Appendix B - Quality Management System
Appendix C - Tables of External Evaluation Report