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Inventory Cards

The mandatory completion of inventory cards (courses’, faculty members’ etc.) that until now was conducted through hard copy can now be carried through the Q.M.S. Given the fact that the Secretariats record timely which faculty members teach which courses in the current academic semester, by entering the system, the faculty members will find in their personal page their Inventory Card, as well as the Inventory Card of the courses that they teach. Except for the criteria set by the HQAA, the Inventory Cards will cover those of ECTS, the Diploma Supplement and other international programmes as well. Their completion will be conducted directly into the system and once they are submitted they will be automatically recorded and processed. The results of their analysis will be available through the system to the persons concerned.

Data regarding the Secretariat should be recorded in their own system. Such data are courses metadata, as provided from the Curricula of each School (syllabus, scope, skills, etc.) and rarely change. These data will be accessible but not editable by the faculty members. The faculty members should only complete those data regarding their way of teaching the specific course in each academic semester (learning instance).