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Law Date Government Gazette    
4115 30/1/2013 24 Organization and operation of the Foundation for Youth and Lifelong Learning and the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance and other provisions.
4076 10/8/2012 159 Regulations of matters of Higher Education Institutions and other provisions. 
4009 6/9/2011 195 Structure, Function, Studies' Quality Assurance and Internationalization of the Higher Education Institutions.
3848 19/5/2010 71 Enhance of the educator's role - establishment of evaluation rules and meritocracy in education and other provisions.
3794 4/9/2009 156 Regulation of issues of the university and technological sector of the higher education and other provisions.
3685 16/7/2008 148 Legal framework for postgraduate studies.
3577 8/6/2007 130 Creation of the Integrated Lifelong Learning Programme Management Agency, regulations of matters of private education and supervisory agencies of the Ministry for Education and other provisions.
3549 20/3/2007 69 Reformation of the institutional framework for the structure and function of Higher Education Institutions.
3374 2/8/2005 189 Quality assurance in higher education. Credits transfer and accumulation system - Diploma Supplement.

Note: The documents are available only in Greek language.